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Pain of Salvation


BE (Chinassiah)

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: InsideOut
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal/Folk]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.0
Production: 9.0

The long-awaited concept album "BE" finally has been completed, but was it worth the wait... Well, it depends on your preferences. The story is quite interesting and multi-dimensional. So relistening value of this album is very good. You can spend literally hours listening this album again and again. In addition to music, every now and then there are speech parts which vary from messages and newscasts to conversations (for example, on the 6th track there was a conversation between a man and a woman, where the man suggested of having oral sex while driving).

Musically "BE" doesn't offer anything new... Pain of Salvation has revised quite a lot of their old material. Also you should note that this album isn't very heavy, vice versa. There are many clean compositions which reside on the piano, clean guitars, the orchestra and (of course) Gildenl÷w's vocals. Heavy parts were occasionally used for effect.

In parenthesis, quite a few times there was a part similar to the melodyline of the main theme from Blade Runner. First time it was done with piano in track 4 and then with violin in tracks 10 and 14... (I wonder if it was intended Ś it's quite common progression). Although "BE" is a concept album, you can listen to it as a normal album and enjoy the music. That way tracks 4, 5, 10 (the first half), 11, 13 and 14 (partially) stand out (other songs had good parts too, but they also had some "not-so-felicitous" parts).

Daniel Gildenl÷w has done quite a good job on producing this album (and also on mixing)... the sounds are apposite for the most part. The recordings are clean and there's not much to complain.

If you decide to delve into the world of BE, it will reward you... as Gildenl÷w said, the concept is intriguing. But "BE" isn't quick entertainment, you should use time to experience it in its entirety. BE is one of those albums that will grow on you... The more you listen to it, the more you'll like it. All in all, BE has a good concept, but the music isn't as good as I expected (doesn't stand in comparison to the story). I recommend this album to fans of PoS and progressive music (especially fans of concept albums will enjoy their journey through the world of "BE").

Release date: 27.09.2004

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- MAGE (19.09.2004)

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Gildenl÷w, Daniel: Vocals and Harmonies and Other Voices,
Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Grandpa's Mandola,
Percussion on Toms, Roto-Toms, the Above Mandola
and Other Noisy Things, Programming and Samples,
Chinese Arch˛, Distorted Floorstamps, Nice and Ugly
Sounds of Different Kinds and Origins...
Hermansson, Fredrik: Grand Piano, Cembalo (Harpsicord),
Samples, Percussion...
Gildenl÷w, Kristoffer: Fretted and Fretless Basses, Double Bass,
Old Junkyard Steel Barrels Percussion, Harmony Vocals (live)...
Hallgren, Johan: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Harmony Vocals (live), Congas
Langell, Johan: Drums, Cowbells, Djembe, Harmony Vocals (live)...

The Orchestra of Eternity:
Cucu, Mihai: 1st Violin
Arvidsson, Camilla: 2nd Violin
Ekman, Kristina: Viola
Lanning, Magnus: Cello
Karlberg, ┼sa: Flute
Kumlin, Anette: Oboe
Pettersson, Nils-┼ke: Clarinet
van den Poel, Dries: Bass Clarinet
Juvas, Sven-Olof: Tuba

Ringkvist, Cecilia: Dea Pecuniae in Dea Pecuniae
Howatt, Blair: Miss Mediocrity in Dea Pecuniae
Howatt, Kim & Jim: News Casts and Other Readings
Various PoS Fans All Over the World: The Messages to God in Vocari Dei
Producer: Gildenl÷w, Daniel
Mixing by: Gildenl÷w, Daniel
Mastering by: Cutting Room
Pain of Salvation - BE (Chinassiah)  CD  Cover Image
01. Animae Partus ("I Am")

I Animae Partus
02. Deus Nova
03. Imago
04. Pluvius Aestivus

II Machinassiah
05. Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova)
06. Nauticus (Drifting)
07. Dea Pecuniae
08. Vocari Dei

III Machinageddon
09. Diffidentia (Breaching the Core)
10. Nihil Morari

IV Machinauticus
11. Latericius Valete
12. Omni
13. Iter Impius
14. Martius/Nauticus II

V Deus Nova Mobile
15. Animae Partus II
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