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Ridley, Dan


Covers Galore

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Unsigned
Genre: [Guitar-oriented Instrumental Rock/Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Covers Galore ain't a regular cover album, as it offers so much new to the songs. The songs are recognisable, although they contain some of Dan's own solos, arrangements, drum programming etc. So one could say this album is kind of a tribute to the artists being covered... Dan himself said that the artists he covered are some of the bands/musicians that helped him to forge his own style.

I think Dan has succeeded quite well in adding the "Dan Ridley" sound to the different songs on this album... His own additions to the songs have been "meshed" well. Also his choice of bands to cover is quite good (a lot of different artists with different styles have been covered). This makes the record quite diverse in terms of styles.

This album has been produced quite well... Mastering has been done well and also the mix is quite good. Occasionally the guitar's lead tone is a little bit piercing, but nothing too grave. By the way, according to Dan, this album has been recorded on his computer in his bedroom (using only one microphone).

Once again Dan has done a good instrumental guitar album, which fans of the genre may find interesting. If you're interested in this album, you probably should write to Dan ([email protected]). Dan writes to many guitar forums on the web, and every now and then he puts some of his songs available for download (check out guitar.com & John Petrucci Forum).

- MAGE (25.09.2004)


Ridley, Dan (Sir Noodles Licksalot): All Guitars, Bass, Percussion Programming and Voice Overs
Producer: Ridley, Dan
Mixing by: Ridley, Dan
Mastering by: Dyniss
Ridley, Dan - Covers Galore  CD  Cover Image
01. Superjudge/Cage Around the Sun - Monster Magnet
02. Black Balloon - Monster Magnet
03. Scarecrow - Pink Floyd
04. Sleeping Village/After Forever/Wicked World - Black Sabbath
05. Fire in the Head/Inanna - The Tea Party
06. Careful With That Axe Eugene - Pink Floyd
07. Quiet - Smashing Pumpkins
08. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix
09. The Messenger - Daniel Lanois
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