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Linstruth, Lori


Demo 2004

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Unsigned
Genre: [Guitar-oriented Instrumental Rock/Melodic Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Players like Lori Linstruth are unfortunately rare sights on this male dominant field of guitar instrumentals... However, Lori proves there's no reason for that. She does not only measure up to some of the male guitarists, but trumps most of them with her own unique recognisable sound, style with full of emotion and melodic phrasing (which is quite reminiscent of Arjen Anthony Lucassen). Especially Lori's vibrato is worth mentioning (it's really good and actually it's one of the keys to her emotional guitar playing). I announce her as the best female guitarist I've ever heard (so far)... By the way, Lori was featured on Guitarwar's Best of 2003 CD, which should prove something of her skills.

Songs are melodic, atmospheric and occasionally dark guitar instrumentals... There are two covers, both of which sound very "Linstuth-like", so Lori has flavoured them with her own style. The covers also sound like they belong to this demo CD (in its all completeness). Lori's original material is also good, there actually aren't any weak songs on this demo CD. All in all, the quality of songs is very even.

Production on this album has been done well. The sounds are felicitous and relatively clean without lacking atmosphere. Especially the guitar tone is good... Only complaints regard the drum sound. However, for programmed drums they sounded quite good. Overall, Lori has done a good job on mixing and mastering this album. There were only two clips, both of which were on the last track (nothing grave). By the way, those clips are only on my version (Lori has fixed those).

Lori Linstruth's demo CD is a pleasant surprise and I warmly recommend it to all fans of instrumental guitar music... There are samples on her website for you to listen and you can also place your order for this CD there. With such a strong demo CD, I'm really looking forward to hearing Lori's full album (which hopefully isn't in the too distant future)...

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- MAGE (02.10.2004)


Linstruth, Lori: Everything (Drum Programming, Bass, Keyboards and All
Producer: Linstruth, Lori
Mixing by: Linstruth, Lori
Mastering by: Linstruth, Lori
Linstruth, Lori - Demo 2004  CD  Cover Image
01. Leite Mich (J.S. Bach)
02. If
03. The Dream Sequencer: Reprise (Arjen A. Lucassen)
04. Massive
05. Camel Breath
06. Devoid
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