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Dark Clouds in a Perfect Sky

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Napalm
Genre: [Symphonic Metal/Atmospheric Heavy Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.5

Elis has been around for quite a while already (this is their 3rd album). However, I haven't listened to their music before receiving this promo. They're described as gothic metal band, but I don't agree with the definition (at least concerning this new album)... More appropriate genre to describe their music would be Symphonic Metal. Elis' music is more or less similar to Nightwish (which the vocalist, Sabine Dünser, mentions as one of her favourite bands), but there are also traces of other bands. For example, Anger and Rebirth contained few parts which reminded me of the Gathering.

The quality of songs is quite even, but there are some songs which stand out from the others... For example, the 6th song Die Zeit is definitely worth listening. Most of the songs are in English, but the first, 6th and 11th song are distinguished with the German vocals. It would have been nice to also hear some French vocals (as Sabine knows a bit of French).

Already from the beginning one thing was quite noticeable: this album had been produced very well. Alexander Krull's (Atrocity) name sounded familiar, and soon I recalled he was the one who mastered Disillusion's album (he also produced Leaves' Eyes). The sounds on this album are felicitous and there isn't much to complain.

Although I hadn't heard Elis' music before, this album corresponded my expectations. It was mostly what I expected (melodic symphonic metal). However, the gothic edge, which I expected, wasn't there. Fans of symphonic metal and bands such as Nightwish will most likely find this release interesting. Only time will tell, if Elis will be able to succeed with their music.

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- MAGE (09.10.2004)

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Marxer, René: Drums
Streit, Pete: Guitar
Dünser, Sabine: Vocals
Broger, Jürgen (Big J): Guitars
Saxer, Tom: Bass, Additional Vocals
Producer: Krull, Alexander
Mixing by: Mastersound Studio (Krull, Alexander)
Mastering by: Mastersound Studio (Krull, Alexander)
Elis - Dark Clouds in a Perfect Sky  CD  Cover Image
01. Der Letzte Tag
02. Anger
03. Lost Soul
04. Perfect Love
05. Heart in Chains
06. Die Zeit
07. Black Angel
08. Devil Inside You
09. Rebirth
10. Are You Missing Me
11. Ballade
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