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Live at Last

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: InsideOut
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Melodic Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 9.0

Finally Enchant releases a live album, which is aptly titled as "Live at Last". It is about time, as they have already released 7 studio albums without releasing a single live album. It all began in 1993 with the release of "A Blueprint of the World". However, the band's origins actually reach back to the late eighties. The current line-up is almost the same as in their debut album (only drummer and keyboardist have changed).

As with most live albums, there isn't any new material on this album (with the exceptions of a few acoustic versions). The previously unreleased acoustic versions can be considered as a special treat (Ted Leonard says they "don't do the acoustic thing very often"). Song choices encompass their whole career from the debut "A Blueprint of the World" up to their so far last studio album "Tug of War". I believe it goes without saying, the songs are very good. By the way, this album lasts for almost two and half hours.

The concert was held in their hometown Oakland, which was the best possible choice it's important that live performance is captured when musicians play with their hearts. This album proves Enchant is also a strong live performer (they performed almost flawlessly).

Production has been done quite well, considering the fact this is a live album recorded inside the iMusicast venue (in which, by the way, also some live music webcasts have been recorded). There's slight background noise audible at times, but it doesn't matter (the recordings sound otherwise very good). The sounds are warm and the dynamics can be heard well (for example, I can hear the natural reverb on Ted Leonard's voice).

"Live at Last" is also released as a double DVD set (the promo I've got, is the double CD version). According to InsideOut's website, "both versions contain the complete Oakland concert, the DVD additionally features interviews with the band and fans, shootings of rehearsals and soundcheck. You can also find a photo gallery with impressions of the concert in California and of Enchants European tour 2003."

I highly recommend this album to all Enchant fans as well as classic progressive rock and melodic rock fans. This album is great acquisition for people who haven't heard of Enchant before, but would like to check them out. One could consider this album as the "Best of Enchant", although it doesn't contain all of my personal favourites... Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Release date: 25.10.2004

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- MAGE (22.10.2004)


Leonard, Ted: Vocals & Guitar
Ott, Doug: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Platt, Ed: Bass
Flanegan, Sean: Drums
Jenkins, Bill: Keyboards
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Enchant - Live at Last  CD  Cover Image
CD 1:
01. Mae Dae
02. At Death's Door
03. Sinking Sand
04. Under Fire
05. Broken Wave
06. Blindsided
07. Acquaintance
08. Monday
09. Progtology
10. The Thirst
11. Paint the Picture

CD 2:
01. Under the Sun
02. What to Say
03. My Enemy
04. Follow the Sun
05. Break
06. Seeds of Hate
07. Comatose
08. Black Eyes & Broken Glass (Acoustic)
09. Colors Fade (Acoustic)
10. Pure
11. Below Zero
12. Oasis
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