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Pigmy Love Circus


The Power of Beef

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Go-Kart
Genre: [Hard Rock/Metal/Country]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.5

It's always nice to listen to some band's music for the first time. When you don't have any idea at all about what they got in stores for you, your listening experience will be as pure as possible. I hadn't heard of Pigmy Love Circus prior to this release. Already from the beginning (of the record) one thing came apparent: Pigmy Love Circus is definitely influenced by Motörhead. Nevertheless, they have their own style which is a blend of hard rock, metal and country... I'll call it redneck metal.

Songs are quite diverse as they contain a lot of different aspects. There's metal, country and good old hard rock. Michael Savage's voice isn't too great, but it suits the songs rather well. The beginning of 'Pistolero Sleep' proves that the role of a storyteller distinguishes Michael Savage. My listening recommendation to you is the seventh song 'Murderer'. On a more ctitical note, there aren't too many good songs on this album (everything is quite average).

Pigmy Love Circus' drummer Dan Carey (Tool) has produced this album, and the end result is rather good. Although the sounds could be better, they are quite suitable. Only some slight distortion occurred few times.

I was quite favourably impressed when I heard this album for the first time... It's always nice to hear something new. I recommend this album to open-minded listeners who don't care so much about how the vocals sound (for example, fans of Motörhead). Actually "Ace of Spades" is mentioned in the lyrics of 'Highway Man'. So fans of hard rock in the vein of Motörhead (who would like to hear some diversity as well) should check out the new Pigmy Love Circus album 'The Power of Beef'.

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- MAGE (25.10.2004)

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Stevenson, E. Shepherd: Bass
Carey, Dan: Drums
Savage, Michael: Vocals
Fletcher, Peter: Guitars

Carey, Dale: Saxophone
Producer: Carey, Dan
Mixing by: Carey, Dan & Cuddy, Michael
Mastering by: Cardner, Brian "Big Bass"
Pigmy Love Circus - The Power of Beef  CD  Cover Image
01. Livin' Like Shit
02. Drug Run to Fontana
03. Swamp Creature
04. Bone Orchard
05. Pistolero Sleep
06. Bad Luck
07. Murderer
08. Highway Man
09. Headless Horseman
10. 12 Gauge Kiss
11. Madhouse Clown
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