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The Swan Princess

Year: 1998
Format: CD
Label: Metal Minds Records
Genre: [Death Metal/Folk Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.5

Tower is a new band to me... So I didn't know what to wait. The intro of Dark Room gave me a little hint of Gothic vibe... And soon the song started. Growling death vocals, which were still quite clean. You could really hear what the singer is singing (at least on some places). The songs have nice atmosphere and I guess one would call this melodic gothic death metal. There are also some folk vibe on some songs (such as Magic Nights). So this is quite diverse album.

One complaint comes to my mind and it's their guitar rhythm tone it could have been a lot better. The keyboardist has done some nice layers to the backround and it makes the songs more whole. The fifth song 'My Lovely Princess' is instrumental song with the folk vibe again... Acoustic guitar with flute melodies. Nice addition to balance the heaviness of this album. The seventh song 'Secret Land' is, in my opinion, one of the best songs on this album. It's instrumental except the occasional female choir.

In the end of the album the songs feature female vocalist, which is a nice addition... And the last song 'Silent Fall' alternates between those soft female vocals and heavy male vocals. Overall this record was quite nice, although some songs could have been better. Also the guitar tone could have been a lot better... I'm a fan of cleaner vocals and therefore I didn't like the singing too much... So I'll give this record a 7, but if you're a fan of death style vocals you might like this record much more. However it's a quite good album worth a listen...

- MAGE (26.05.2004)


Kolleck, Piotr: Guitar, Vocals
Zydoniuk, Rafal: Guitar
Romanczuk, Mariusz: Guitar
Ejsymont, Darek: Keyboards
Bialecki, Mariusz: Drums
Drozdowska, Magdalena: Viola, Choirs
Marion: Additional Vocals on 'Secret Land', 'Scarlet' & 'Silent Fall'
Cantemus Choir: Additional choirs in "Night Of Sin"
Producer: Kolleck, Piotr
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Bomba, Andrzej
Tower - The Swan Princess  CD  Cover Image
01. Dark Room
02. The Swan Princess
03. Magic Nights
04. Shadows
05. My Lovely Princess
06. Victim
07. Secret Land
08. Vampire
09. Night of Sin
10. Scarlet
11. The Edge of Heaven
12. Silent Fall
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