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Various Artists


Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [AOR/Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 7.5

Latest addition to Lion Music's numerous tribute releases is the tribute to Gary Moore titled as "Give Us Moore!". Once again a part of Lion Music's artist roster pays homage to one of their "heroes". Most of the Gary Moore hits are included and some song choices also reflect the personal favourite of the artist who performs it.

The songs have been performed reverently to the original, but they also contain some additional flavour of the performing artist. However, not all of the songs are faithful to the original, as few artists re-arranged some parts. All in all, the songs are good (as are the originals).

Production on this album varies, because all of the songs have been recorded in different places. In addition, they've been mixed and mastered by different people. So it's no wonder some songs do sound better than others. Mostly the production is good, but there are songs that have parts that clipped or got distorted (for example, the 8th and 15th song)...

Not all of the tribute albums released by Lion Music are felicitous. However, Give Us Moore! proves to be quite successful tribute to Gary Moore. Song choices are good (for the most part), and they are also performed well.

Release date: 11.11.2004

- MAGE (02.11.2004)

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- Dogpound -
Tuka: Drums & Cymbals
Micke: 7-String Guitars
Figge: Bass
Hea: Vocals
Tägtgren, Peter: Vocals on Verses and Producing

- Arabesque -
Salemi, Katia: Vocals
Wolters, Joop: Guitars
de Groot, Frank: Bass
van Mierlo, Marc: Drums
Ubachs, Rene: Keyboards, Mixing and Mastering

- Domain -
Schulz, Carsten "Lizard": Vocals
Ritt, Axel "Ironfinger": 6- & 12-string Acoustic Guitars,
6- & 12-string Electric Guitars, Backing and
Harmony Vocals, Producing,
Mixing and Mastering
Lange, Erdmann "Erdi": Acoustic and Electric Piano, 
Hammond-organ, Synthesizers and "Hand edge Keyboards",
Backing and Harmony Vocals
Mayer, Jochen: Bass, Backing and Harmony Vocals
Köllner, Stefan: Drums

- Star Queen -
Englund, Thorbjörn: Guitars, Keyboards, Arrangements
Tormanoff, Stella: Vocals
Uvén, Peter: Bass

- Daniel Flores and Friends -
Novak, Andreas: Lead Vocals 
Jansson, Benny: Guitars 
Lindahl, Andreas: Keyboard Solo
Olsson, Andreas: Bass
Flores, Daniel: Drums, Organ, String Arrangements, Pads,
Moogs and Background Vocals, Engineering, Re-arranging,
Producing and Mixing

- Mark McGee and Luvplanet -
McGee, Mark: Guitars, Lead Vocals and Producing
Sutton, Nicole: Harmony Vocals
Sisco, Tommy: Bass
McKenzie, Scott: Drums
Barth, Brad: Mixing

- Tony Hernando -
Hernando, Tony: Guitars, Backing Vocals,
Producing and Mixing
Prieto, Ignacio: Vocals
Tenorio, Alvaro: Bass
García, Alvaro: Drums
Guevara, Felipe: Mixing

- Joop Wolters -
Wolters, Joop: All Instruments

- Regi Hendrix and Craig Erickson -
Erickson, Craig: Backing Tracks
Hendrix, Regi: Vocals
Gifford, Mark & Gross, Tony: Engineering & Mastering

- Eric Sands -
Sands, Eric: Fretless Bass, Guitars, Producing
Bryant, Marc: Vocals
Shoemaker, Rick: Drums

- King of Darkness -
Hashimoto, Takahiro: Guitar, Programming, Mixing, Mastering
Nakamura, Genta: Vocals
Iriguchi, Tomomi: Chorus

- House of Shakira -
Eklund, Andreas: Lead Vocals
Lundström, Anders: Guitar, Keyboard
Hallstensson, Mats: Guitar, Vocals
Schelander, Per: Bass, Vocals
Andersson, Tony: Drums

- Iron Mask -
Mohre, Goetz: Vocals
Hartmann, Oliver: Vocals
Andersson, Richard: Lead Keyboards
Petrossi, Dushan: Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Moltchanov, Vassili: Bass
Arkhipov, Anton: Drums, Background Keyboards

- Orion Riders -
Lombardo, Joe: Vocals
Condorelli, Antonello: Guitars
Failla, Riccardo: Guitars
Siracusa, Carmelo: Bass
Zappa, Tony: Drums and Keyboards

- Mattsson -
Mattsson, Mikaela: Vocals
Mattsson, Lars Eric: Guitars, Sitar, Bass and Keyboards
Poland, Chris: Special Guest on Outro Guitar Solo
Sledgehammer, Eddie: Drums
Producer: Tägtgren, Peter; Ritt, Axel; Flores, Daniel; McGee, Mark; Hernando, Tony & Sands, Eric
Mixing by: Ubachs, Rene; Ritt, Axel; Flores, Daniel; Barth, Brad; Hernando, Tony; Guevara, Felipe & Hashimoto, Takahiro
Mastering by: Ubachs, Rene; Ritt, Axel; Gifford, Mark; Gross, Tony & Hashimoto, Takahiro
Various Artists - Give Us Moore! - Gary Moore Tribute  CD  Cover Image
01. Led Clones
02. She's Got You
03. Over the Hills and Far Away
04. Empty Rooms
05. Wild Frontiers
06. Don't Take Me For a Loser
07. Thunder Rising
08. The Loner
09. Reach for the Sky
10. Military Man 
11. Falling in Love with You
12. Shapes of Things
13. Out in the Fields
14. After the War
15. Parisienne Walkways
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