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Missa Mercuria


Missa Mercuria

Year: 2002
Format: CD
Label: Generation Records
Genre: [Symphonic/Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.5
Music: 9.5
Production: 9.0

Missa Mercuria is a pleasant surprise... Well the intro song wasn't that good, but when the other songs came on I was blown away. I've always enjoyed D.C. Cooper's singing (although some maybe won't enjoy his high vocal range stuff). Missa Mercuria has Royal Hunt vibe on the third track Divine Spark... but Missa Mercuria isn't Royal Hunt clone. The other songs are totally different and that's what I like so much about this album — it's very diverse. You can literally listen to it over and over again... it's so good. There's something for everyone, heavy, symphonic, prog, ballads, you name it.

D.C. Cooper isn't the only singer on this album... There are many guest appearances (for example Edenbridge's Sabine Edelsbacher appears on 'Whisper of the Soul'). Also David Readman from Pink Cream 69 & Adagio can be heard on this record. He appears on 'The Fairytale of Truth' and 'Bursting Ego'. Also Isolde Groß and Andy Kuntz appeared on this record.

The sound is also very good on this album (it's well produced). And every now and then you'll hear astounishing guitar work... There's not much to complain. Get this album, you won't regret it...

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- MAGE (26.05.2004)

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Lill, Andreas: Drums
Ward, Dennis: Bass
Lill, Stephan: Guitars
Koffler, Alfred: Guitars
Beyrodt, Alex: Guitars
Werno, Günter: Keyboards
Weiss, Pedro: Percussion (Session Percussionist)

Cooper, D.C.: Firegod
Edelsbacher, Sabine: Watergoddess
Williams, Lori: Earthgoddess
Kuntz, Andy: Airgod
Groß, Isolde: Mercuria
Readman, David: Narrator
Producer: Ward, Dennis
Mixing by: Köhler, Achim
Mastering by: Unavailable
Missa Mercuria - Missa Mercuria  CD  Cover Image
01. Earth's Destruction
02. Requiem Mortale
03. Divine Spark (Firegod)
04. Whisper of the Soul (Watergoddess)
05. Mother Earth (Earthgoddess)
06. Spirit of Wisdom (Airgod)
07. Illusion of Time
08. Missa Mercuria
09. Fairytale of Truth
10. Farewell for Love's Sake
11. Journey to Hades: Departure to Fear
12. Strange Desert Walk
13. Bursting Ego
14. Down to Hell
15. Rectificando
16. Outro: New Eon Arises
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