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Various Artists


Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Relapse
Genre: [Death Metal/Grindcore/Black Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.0
Music: 6.0
Production: 5.5

Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack has been made to aurally illustrate Albert Mudrian's book Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal & Grindcore. It contains 77 minutes of music from the biggest and most influential artists of death metal & grindcore genres. Everything from Carcass, Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse to At the Gates and Opeth have been included (among many others). There are even some never-before-heard songs from Nihilist (pre-Entombed), Pig Destroyer and Suffocation included on this collection.

Most of the "big names" of death metal have been featured on this album, so one could assume the musical content will be of high quality. However, not all of the songs are good and actually about half of the album's content is trifling. Also the production of certain songs is quite a disappointment. Some songs have been mixed way too bassy (for example, the 5th track). Also some songs had distortion and clipping, so the production varies quite a lot between different artists. The good songs on this album are tracks 10, 11, 12, 13, 17 and 19 (at least in my book).

Overall, this collection could have been a lot better. It isn't a total failure, but it's no success either. The song choices are partly good, but some song choices could have been better. Also the production on some songs is horrible (and therefore I can't wholly enjoy of listening this album). The worst production can be heard on the third track (it sounded worse than most demo recordings). By the way, I don't know the line-up of SIEGE so if you know it, please feel free to use the contact form.

Release dates: 22.11.2004 (Europe) and 23.11.2004 (Canada). It's already released in US (09.11.2004).

Visit Choosing Death Website

- MAGE (13.11.2004)

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- Napalm Death -

Harris, Mick: Drums

Bullen, Nick 'Nic Scab': Vocals

Broadrick, Justin: Guitars

Whitley, Jim: Bass

- Siege -

- Repulsion -

Olivo, Matt: Guitar

Carlson, Scott: Bass, Vocals

Freeman, Aaron: Guitar

Grave, Dave: Drums

- Morbid Angel -

Azagthoth, Trey: Lead, Rhythm Guitars

Sandoval, Pete: Drums

Brunelle, Richard: Lead, Rhythm Guitars

Vincent, David: Vocals, Bass

- Nihilist -

Nicke: Drums

Alex: Guitar

Petrov, LG: Vocals

Hedland, Johnny: Bass

- Obituary -

Tardy, John: Vocals

Peres, Trevor: Guitar

West, Allen: Guitar

Tucker, Daniel: Bass

Tardy, Donald: Drums

- Deicide -

Benton, Glen: Vocals, Bass

Hoffmann, Eric: Guitar

Hoffmann, Brian: Guitar

Asheim, Steve: Drums

- Cannibal Corpse -

Barnes, Chris: Vocals

Webster, Alex: Bass

Rusay, Bob: Guitar

Owen, Jack: Guitar

Mazurkiewicz, Paul: Drums

- Carcass -

Steer, Bill: Guitars, Vocals

Hickey, Mike: Guitars

Regadas, Carlo: Guitars

Walker, Jeff: Bass, Vocals

Owen, Ken: Drums

- At the Gates -

Lindberg, Tomas: Vocals

Björler, Anders: Guitar

Larsson, Martin: Guitar

Björler, Jonas: Bass

Elandsson, Adrian: Drums

- Death -

Schuldiner, Chuck: Vocals, Guitars

Hoglan, Gene: Drums, Propeller & M-14 Shell

Conlon, Kelly: Bass

Koelble, Bobby: Guitar

- Opeth -

Åkerfeldt, Mikael: Vocals, Guitar

Lindgren, Peter: Guitar

Méndez, Martin: Bass

López, Martin: Drums

- Brutal Truth -

Sharp, Kevin: Vocals

McCarty, Brent: Guitar

Lilker, Dan: Bass

Hoak, Rich: Drums

- Hate Eternal -

Rutan, Erik: Vocals, Guitar

Webster, Alex: Bass

Yeung, Tim: Drums

- Pig Destroyer -

Hayes, J.R.: Vocals

Hull, Scott: Guitar

Harvey, Brian: Drums

- Arch Enemy -

Amott, Michael: Guitars

Amott, Christopher: Guitars

Gossow, Angela Nathalie: Vocals

Erlandsson, Daniel John: Drums

D'Angelo, Sharlee: Bass

- Zyklon -

Daemon: Vocals

Zamoth: Guitar

Destructhor: Bass

Trym: Drums

- Nile -

Sanders, Karl: Vocals, Guitar

Wade, Dallas Toller: Guitar

Spires, Chief: Bass

Hamourra, Pete: Drums

- Suffocation -

Mullens, Frank: Vocals

Cerrito, Doug: Guitar

Hobbs, Terrance: Guitar

Richards, Chris: Bass

Culross, Dave: Drums
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Various Artists - Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack  CD  Cover Image
01. Napalm Death: Scum
02. Siege: Walls
03. Repulsion: Maggots in Your Coffin
04. Morbid Angel: Chapel of Ghouls
05. Nihilist: Severe Burns (Exclusive Track)
06. Obituary: Slowly We Rot
07. Deicide: Lunatic of God's Creation
08. Napalm Death: Suffer the Children (Live)
09. Cannibal Corpse: Hammer Smashed Face
10. Carcass: Heartwork
11. At the Gates: Need
12. Death: Symbolic
13. Opeth: Demon of the Fall
14. Brutal Truth: Dead Smart
15. Hate Eternal: Powers That Be
16. Pig Destroyer: Untitled (Exclusive Track)
17. Arch Enemy: We Will Rise
18. Zyklon: Psyklon Aeon
19. Nile: Sarcophagus
20. Suffocation: Souls to Deny (Exclusive Live Track)
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