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Olympos Mons



Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Limb Music Products
Genre: [Power Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 8.0

Conquistador is the debut album of a new power/fantasy metal band called Olympos Mons who doesn't seem to be afraid of being too cliched. Guitarist Jari Sundström and vocalist Ian E. Highhill are the frontmen of this group and they also take care of the production.

Ian E. Highhill has a very good, clear voice and he can sing with varying tones but on track 7 'Black Desireé' he sounded way too much like Kai Hansen in a bad way (Hansen-like singing should be prohibited, it's like spice, so be careful with it). By the way, and this is for all power metal vocalists, always be careful with high tones since with them you can easily deteriorate song's (album's) re-listenability (there's a thin line that shouldn't be crossed).

This album doesn't offer anything new to the power/fantasy metal genre as all songs are traditional, cliched power/fantasy metal songs. On the other hand, most of the songs are very good among the genre and the production is good. If you like Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, or any German/Italian power/fantasy metal band I'm sure you like the songs. If I had to choose five songs from this album I would pick 'Seven Seas', 'The Last Light of the Moon', 'Black', 'Cleopatra' and 'Conquistador'. Nonetheless, lack of personality with compositions is this album's most significant shortcoming - the band sounds too much like another Sonata Arctica. However, Highhill is a lot better singer than Kakko and many other power metal vocalists.

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- broMizu (18.11.2004)

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Sundström, Jari: Guitars
Highhill, Ian E.: Vocals
Sepponen, Mikko: Drums
Ollila, Vili: Keyboards
Tuura, Henrik: Bass
Producer: Sundström, Jari & Highhill, Ian E.
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Olympos Mons - 
Conquistador  CD  Cover Image
01. Seven Seas
02. Stars
03. The Last Light of the Moon
04. Wanted Man
05. Black
06. Through the Ice and Snow
07. Black Derireé
08. Cleopatra
09. The Princess of Saba
10. Lady in White
11. Conquistador
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