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Hernando, Tony



Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Guitar-oriented Intrumental Rock/Metal/Jazz]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

Tony Hernando's third solo album is simply titled as "III". I have to admit that I haven't heard his previous albums, although I have heard his name before. By the way, on his previous album, The Shades of Truth, there was guest performances by Andy Timmons (who's one of the best rock guitarists at the moment) and Vitalij Kuprij. However, on this album William Stravato has the guest spot...

Hernando's playing and composition style is like a combination of Andy Timmons, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine, Brett Garsed, Jason Becker and Yngwie Malmsteen among few other well known guitarists... Even Dream Theater's influence can be heard on this album (on Men and Machines Hernando plays a run similar to John Petrucci's work). Hernando doesn't do anything exceptional and new, but whatever he does, he does it well. His songs are full of great melodies and phrases (unlike on some atonal shredding albums, which lack sometimes clear melodies). In addition, the melodies are backed by Mike Terrana's great drum work. In addition to Hernando's own songs, also a cover of Joey Tafolla's "Out of the Sun" is included (by the way, Tony Hernando has been a private student of Joey Tafolla).

Production on this album is good... The sounds are apposite for the most part and the recordings are quite clean. However, some parts could have been mixed better. Also the guitar tone is sometimes a bit too harsh sounding (compared to the overall sound of the song).

Friends of guitar driven instrumentals will definitely find this album good. If you've enjoyed listening to different guitar virtuosos in the past, you should consider about checking out some of Tony Hernando's work... I'm sure old fans of Hernando will like this album (according to Lion Music, on this album Tony takes "giant leaps in all aspects of his music & production").

Release date: 26.11.2004

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- MAGE (23.11.2004)


Hernando, Tony: Guitar
Terrana, Mike: Drums
Tenorio, Alvaro: Bass
Dez, Victor: Keyboards
Bao, Pepe: Bass on Tracks 3, 8 & 9
Stravato, William: Guest Guitar Solo on Track 8
Producer: Hernando, Tony
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Hernando, Tony - III  CD  Cover Image
01. Into the Black
02. Truer Than Ever
03. Duelling Waters
04. Sacred Ground
05. Now
06. Souls of the World pt.1
07. Souls of the World pt.2 (the Awakening)
08. Sci-Fi to Reality
09. Men and Machines
10. Out of the Sun
11. Embryo
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