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Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Metal/Symphonic Metal/A Cappella/Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

After hearing Chain's debut album "Reconstruct" earlier this year, I knew their upcoming album will please me. Chain.exe is the second Chain album, and it proves to surpass my expectations. Once again Henning Pauly has succeeded in composing quite an enjoyable album. By the way, there's a limited edition of Chain.exe available as well (it contains nearly 4 hours of behind the scenes material. For example, the "making of chain.exe", a video of Eama Hut, interviews and other stuff).

The music hasn't changed a lot from the before. The music is still quite diverse (to some extent), and songs are usually based on driving rhythms with heavy guitars, strong vocal lines and harmonies, varying themes and somewhat complex arrangements... For example, the first song "Cities" (38 minutes long) has quite a lot of different sections... Everything from metal to a cappella (vocals only) is covered on that song. There's also a Saga cover on this album (Hot to Cold), and it actually features Saga's vocalist Michael Sadler.

Production on Chain.exe is first-class (thanks to Henning Pauly). Henning Pauly has taken care of it all (whether it's mixing or mastering, he's done it successfully). The recordings are clean without lacking atmosphere (so there's not much to complain).

Fans of the Chain's debut album Reconstruct will definitely find this album good, but also other progmetal fans might like it. As Chain.exe is available at Mindawn (you can listen to it for free 3 times), I advise you to check it out there and form your own opinion. For more information about Mindawn, check the news section of RockReviews.

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- MAGE (27.11.2004)


Pauly, Henning: Guitars, Warr Guitar, Banjo, Additional Keyboards, Bass and Programming
Cash, Matt: Vocals
Kernbach, Stephan: Keyboards
Becker, Christian: Bass
Marvin, Eddie: Drums

Sadler, Michael: Special Guest Vocals on Cities and Hot to Cold
Keneally, Mike: Special Guest Vocals and Guitar Solo on Last Chance to See
Trevithick, Victoria: Special Guest Vocals on Last Chance to See
Ashworth, Jody: Additional Guest Vocals on Cities
Haddi, Maya: Additional Guest Vocals on Cities, Special Guest Vocals on Hot to Cold
Heppenstall, Edward: Additional Guest Vocals on Cities
Andrews, Sean: Stunt Bass on Eama Hut
Katsikas, Steve: Saxophone Solo on Cities
Greck and Jesse: Programmed Choir on "Eama Hut"
Producer: Pauly, Henning
Mixing by: Pauly, Henning
Mastering by: Pauly, Henning
Chain - Chain.exe  CD  Cover Image
01. Cities 1
02. Cities 2
03. Cities 3
04. Cities 4
05. Cities 5
06. Cities 6
07. Cities 7
08. She Looks Like You
09. Eama Hut
10. Never Leave the Past Behind
11. Hot to Cold
12. Last Chance to See
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