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Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush



Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Genre: [Rock/Hard Rock/Blues/Fusion/Jazz/Country]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Frank Marino has been regarded as a star in his hometown Montreal since he was 16 years old. One can only imagine what bond Frank has to his hometown, so it's no wonder he decided to release a live recording recorded in Montreal at Club Soda concert hall September 8th 2001. The original concert was 3 hours and 40 minutes long, but this double CD set contains "only" over 2 and half hours of Frank's passionate jamming. Frank didn't want to include a third CD, because the other material had already been featured on his previous live recordings. However, also some familiar material has been featured on RealLIVE! (the new renditions are justified by Frank as being better than his previous live renditions).

On RealLIVE! Frank has covered quite a gamut of genres there's everything from jazz and blues to hard rock and even country. Also Frank's rig is worth mentioning, he still uses his homemade pedals, amps etc. Frank's playing is quite recognisable, and one of his strengths is the diversity of his playing. In addition to Frank's own compositions, there are also some covers (such as Hendrix's Voodoo Chile) inluded in his set.

Frank Marino handled the production on this album on his own (with the help of a few friends, though). Some parts have a bit of distortion, but otherwise the production has been done well. Actually his guitar tone is better on this album than on his previous recordings. I remember checking some of Frank Marino's older live recordings few years ago, and back then they didn't make any impact on me... Fortunately, I got the change to review this new live album RealLIVE! (and to form my opinion of Frank Marino again).

RealLIVE! is certainly a great acquisition to the fans of Frank Marino and his band Mahogany Rush. It's an honest live recording with a great feel all over the songs. Frank even wanted to include a song that he didn't have full recording of (his hard disk recorder ran out of space). However, Frank asked if any of his fans had a bootleg (and someone actually did have one). So Frank spent the next year editing that bootleg (he wanted to keep the original recording rather than re-record it in the studio). You can read the full story from the booklet (as the booklet of this CD contains an interview with Frank Marino).

- MAGE (18.12.2004)


Marino, Frank: Guitars & Vocals
Dowse, Peter: Bass
Trager, Josh: Drums
Layne, Mick: Rhythm Guitar

Additional Musician:
Scoones, Aaron: Backup Vocals
Producer: Marino, Frank
Mixing by: Marino, Frank
Mastering by: Unavailable
Marino, Frank & Mahogany Rush - RealLIVE!  CD  Cover Image
Disc One:
01. Voodoo Chile
02. ...Something's Comin' Our Way (Excerpt)

03. He's Calling

04. Red House

05. Guitar Prelude to a Hero
06. ...Stories of a Hero

07. Poppy
08. ...She's Not There
09. ...Crossroads
10. ...She's Not There (Return)
11. ...Poppy (Return)

Disc Two:
01. Let There Be...
02. ...Strange Universe
03. ...Ode to Creation
04. ...Strange Universe

05. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
06. ...Ain't Dead Yet (Excerpt)
07. ...Slippin' and Slidin'
08. ...Back to the Hall
09. ...Two 'n' Four (Just Joshin')

10. Avalon
11. ...Rumble 'n' Roll (For Pete's Sake)
12. ...Jazzed a Moment
13. ...Tales of the Unexpected
14. ...Return to Avalon

15. Rattle of Sabres
16. ...Electric Reflections of War
17. ...Aftermath
18. ...The World Anthem
19. ...A Prayer for Peace

20. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

21. Try For Freedom
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