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Greatest Hits

Year: 2004
Format: CD+DVD
Label: Wind-up
Genre: [Rock/Metal/Post-Grunge]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.0

As the journey of Creed ended in June 2004 due to tensions between Scott Stapp and rest of the band (according to Mark Tremonti), their third album 'Weathered' (2003) remains their last "proper" release. Since they already had composed three studio albums, they had enough material for this 'Greatest Hits' compilation. By the way, all members of Creed except Scott Stapp moved to form Alter Bridge after the break-up.

Creed's Greatest Hits proceeds chronologically (Tracks 1-4 are taken from 'My Own Prison', 5-8 are from 'Human Clay' and 9-13 are from 'Weathered'). This allows listener to compare how Creed has improved over the years. Although some good songs are missing from the compilation, it definitely contains all of their "hits".

Production of this compilation varies between the songs taken from different albums... Songs from 'My Own Prison' don't sound as good as other songs. Fortunately, the CD has been re-mastered so there aren't differences in the levels. Unfortunately there's some distortion in some songs (for example, distortion occurs in 'Bullets' and 'My Sacrifice'). For some reason the videos didn't have the same re-mastering treatment which is unfortunate. Also the picture quality in videos of My Own Prison era isn't as clear as in the videos of Weathered era. Nevertheless, the overall production is rather good. An option to watch all the videos would have been nice though (the DVD only contained a content screen where each video had to be clicked individually in order to watch it).

In case you're quite new to Creed and haven't got all their albums, this collection is a good buy. Also a Creed fan, who owns all three albums, may find this release worth buying as it includes a bonus DVD containing all Creed music videos in addition to three live performances (the live performances don't sound too good though, as they're lacking dynamics). It would have been nice to hear band's comments on each song and an interview as an added bonus on the DVD. Regardless, Creed's Greatest Hits is good release as such.

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- MAGE (20.12.2004)


- Tracks 1-8 -
Stapp, Scott: Vocals
Tremonti, Mark: Guitar
Phillips, Scott: Drums
Marshall, Brian: Bass

- Tracks 9-13 -
Stapp, Scott: Vocals
Tremonti, Mark: Guitar & Bass
Phillips, Scott: Drums & Keys

Kurzweg, John: Additional Keyboards
Stapp, Amie: Backing Vocals on "Don't Stop Dancing"
The Tallahassee Boys Choir: Choir on "Don't Stop Dancing"
Producer: Kurzweg, John (Tracks 1-13) & Kelsey, Kirk (Tracks 9-13)
Mixing by: Saint-Germain, Ron (Tracks 1-4), Kurzweg, John (Tracks 5-13) & Kelsey, Kirk (Tracks 9-13)
Mastering by: Smith, Ryan (Compilation), Weinberg, Howie (Tracks 1-4), Jensen, Ted (Tracks 5-8) & Ludwig, Bob (Tracks 9-13)
Creed - Greatest Hits CD+DVD Cover Image
01. Torn
02. My Own Prison
03. What's This Life For
04. One
05. Are You Ready
06. Higher
07. With Arms Wide Open
08. What If
09. One Last Breath
10. Don't Stop Dancing
11. Bullets
12. My Sacrifice
13. Weathered

DVD (Videos):
01. My Own Prison
02. What's This Life For
03. Higher
04. What If
05. With Arms Wide Open
06. Bullets
07. My Sacrifice
08. One Last Breath
09. Don't Stop Dancing
10. Torn (Live)
11. Higher (Live)
12. Weathered (Live)
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