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Alive at Red Rocks

Year: 2004
Format: CD+DVD
Label: EPIC/Immortal
Genre: [Experimental Post-Rock/Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.0
Production: 9.0

As the title of the first Incubus live DVD suggests, "Alive at Red Rocks" was recorded live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado (in July 26, 2004). In addition to the concert itself (which is available both in stereo and 5.1 surround audio), the DVD contains five unreleased concert visuals (which you can watch separately or trigger while they appear in the concert), backstage footage (of fans, soundcheck etc.) and photogallery. Along with the DVD comes a bonus CD, which contains five unreleased tracks (from Halo 2, and 2 live "bootlegs").

Those who are new to Incubus should know that their music is a mixture of various styles... I'd describe it as experimental post-rock with some hints of metal and various other styles (funk, for example). Their setlist consisted of songs from almost every Incubus album (they didn't perform any of the songs on their debut 'Fungus Amongus')... However, they performed few "weaker" songs, at least in my opinion, but on the other hand someone might consider those songs as the highlights (as tastes do differ). Especially with Incubus, whose music is quite diverse in terms of different styles incorporated, people have different favourites amongst their songs.

Both "Alive at Red Rocks" and the bonus CD have been produced very well... The picture quality is clear (High Definition), and both the concert and bonus CD have been mixed and mastered well. There were only few parts that didn't please me thoroughly (they could have been mixed slightly better). As the concert was shot with 10 cameras, there are enough different angles used to provide a pleasant viewing experience. By the way, the backstage footage was of surprisingly good quality in terms of picture quality (however, the sound quality varied slightly).

Overall, Alive at Red Rocks is an extensive Incubus release for both collectors, fans and people new to the band. In the latter case this album is a good acquisition as it contains a lot of material from different Incubus albums, and it enables one to easily listen to different sides of Incubus. The bonus CD makes sure that one gets one's money's worth from this release. Also the concert has some really cool parts, such as the drum jam (break during "Vitamin").

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- MAGE (23.12.2004)


Boyd, Brandon: Vocals, Percussion (and at the concert some guitar parts)
Einziger, Mike: Guitar
Pasillas II, Jose: Drums
Kenney, Ben: Bass (and mini-drumkit at the concert)
Kilmore, Chris: Turntables
Producer: Mareh, Sarah (DVD) & O'Brien, Brendan (CD)
Mixing by: DiDia, Nick (DVD) & O'Brien, Brendan (CD)
Mastering by: Watts, Charlie (DVD) & Ludwig, Bob (Tracks 1 & 2 of the CD)
Incubus - Alive at Red Rocks CD+DVD Cover Image
- Concert -
01. Megalomaniac
02. Nice to Know You
03. Idiot Box
04. Just a Phase
05. Priceless
06. Beware! Criminal
07. Wish U Were Here
08. Here in My Room
09. Drive
10. Vitamin
11. Pistola
12. Stellar
13. Made for TV Movie
14. Talk Shows on Mute
15. Sick, Sad Little World
16. Green
17. Pantomime
18. The Warmth
19. Pardon Me

01. Just a Phase
02. Pistola
03. The Warmth
04. Here in My Room
05. Sick, Sad Little World

01. Hardcore Fans
02. Soundcheck
03. Backstage
04. Showday
05. Make Yourself Foundation


Bonus CD:
01. Pantomime
02. Follow
03. Monuments and Melodies
04. Are You in? (Live)
05. Circles (Live)
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