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Dark Matter

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Giant Electric Pea / InsideOut
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.5

IQ's latest album is called "Dark Matter", which describes this album tonally (but only to some extent). There are lots of beautiful melodic guitar solos... and Peter Nicholl's voice is really good (as always). With this album IQ has returned to their roots (more or less).

This album is produced well, so there's no complaint about the sounds. The atmosphere on this album is crafted delicately. Everything seems to be on its place. This album is also quite diverse songs develop from calm to aggressive and vice versa. To give you a hint of the soundscape you'll hear on this new studio album: Martin Orford has used Mellotrons, Moogs and Hammond organ to create the atmosphere. He also uses them for backing the melodies.

This album requires deep listening it isn't an easy listening album. But it isn't too hard either, you can still use some of the songs as background music without fearing about interruption. For example, "Red Dust Shadow" can be used as background music.

Probably the best song on this album is the last track (which is a 24 minute epic track "Harvest of Souls"). Despite its long length, it doesn't get repetitive. There are lot of tempo changes and the song develops quite nicely... Every now and then you'll hear melodic guitar solos that guide you to the following part.

This cd spins for 52 minutes, which is pretty average length nowadays... It isn't too short, although I could have listened to some more (60 minutes would have been better).

"Dark Matter" is classic progressive rock at its best... So, if you're a progressive rock fan you'll be satisfied with this album. 2004 seems to be a good year for Progressive Rock fans with the new Threshold, Everon & Shadow Gallery albums coming as well... Before those, you should enjoy this album.

Release dates: 14th June (UK), 21st June (Europe) and 28th June (USA)

IQ on tour Autumn 2004

02.10.04 The Met Arts Centre Bury, Lancashire UK
30.10.04 Olympiad Leisure Centre (ProgsFest Festival) Chippenham, Wiltshire UK
06.11.04 Robin 2 Bilston, West Midlands UK
27.11.04 Oakwood Centre (CRS Awards) Rotherham, S. Yorkshire UK
11.12.04 Mean Fiddler London UK

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- MAGE (03.05.2004)


Cook, Paul: Drums
Holmes, Michael: Guitars
Jowitt, John: Bass
Nicholls, Peter: Lead vocal and backing vocals
Orford, Martin: Keyboards
Producer: Holmes, Michael
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
IQ - Dark Matter  CD  Cover Image
01. Sacred Sound
02. Red Dust Shadow
03. You Never Will
04. Born Brilliant
05. Harvest of Souls
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