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Elvira Madigan


Angelis Deamonae - Wiccan Aftermath [Bloodstained Covers for Sirens and Sinners]

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Black Lodge
Genre: [Black Metal/Atmospheric Instrumental]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 6.5

After releasing three Elvira Madigan albums, Marcus H. Madigan felt that he has the need for hiatus... However, doing nothing felt stupid so Madigan decided to start working on a cover album (something he always wanted to do). As a result, 'Angelis Deamonae - Wiccan Aftermath [Bloodstained Covers for Sirens and Sinners]' was born (album containing 38 minutes of covers). According to Madigan, "The title refers partly to the albums clash of opposite worlds (with almost all the songs hailing from non-metal genres here interpreted in forms of metal), and partly to the fact that it is the aftermath of the album 'Witches...'". By the way, this is the first time I even hear of Elvira Madigan (so I can't compare this cover album to Madigan's own work).

Fortunately, I have heard almost all the originals so I can tell that the covers are definitely flavoured with Marcus H. Madigan's style (as most of the tracks are heavily interpreted). Nevertheless, the covers still are more or less recognisable. I have to agree with Madigan about the careful selection of tracks to cover (the album really gives the impression of completeness although the songs are taken from different artists). On this album Madigan covers Y. Mitsuda (music from Chrono Cross), Tori Amos, Scorpions, Nordman, N. Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Maurice Jarre and Chris DeBurgh.

Production on this album seems to be quite ambiguous although the clean instrumental songs that only feature synth (tracks 5, 6 & 11) do sound good, the songs with distorted guitar and drums unfortunately don't have the same quality of production. The programmed drums don't sound authentic enough and the distorted guitar tone sounds quite cheap. Production-wise tracks 5, 6, 8 and 10 are the best sounding tracks on this album (none of them has drums).

Generally this album ain't too bad... Madigan's interpretations offer quite a lot to the originals and the realisation of them has been done quite well. Nevertheless, this album would have benefitted from better sounds (especially drums and some guitar parts should have sounded better). Fortunately, the mix is otherwise good. According to Madigan, this cover album is his way of informing that he's still out there. Currently he's recording his upcoming album (which will be a concept album).

Release date: 21.01.2005

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- MAGE (29.12.2004)


Madigan, Marcus H.: Bass, Electric and Classical Guitars, Synths and Vocals
Producer: Madigan, Marcus H.
Mixing by: Madigan, Marcus H.
Mastering by: Madigan, Marcus H.
Elvira Madigan - Angelis Deamonae - Wiccan Aftermath [Bloodstained Covers for Sirens and Sinners]  CD  Cover Image
01. Chrono Cross
02. Iieee
03. Alien Nation
04. Under Norrskenet
05. At Zanarkand
06. Jacob's Ladder
07. Spanish Train
08. The Leader
09. The Vision
10. What About Me?
11. Prisoners of Fate
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