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Dol Ammad


Star Tales

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Black Lotus
Genre: [Electronica/Art Metal/Symphonic Metal/Instrumental]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 9.0
Production: 7.5

It's always refreshing to listen to new bands. Without knowing what they got in store for you, you'll open-mindedly listen the album for the first time. There's always a chance that you'll be favourably surprised by the artist... This is the case with Dol Ammad, an innovative band that was formed in 2000 by keyboardist Thanasis Lightbridge.

Already from the beginning it comes apparent that Dol Ammad's music is quite unique and imaginative. The band describes it as "Electronica Art Metal", but I'd accompany elements of symphonic metal to that definition. The music on 'Star Tales' is mostly instrumental with the exception of choir parts (however, I consider the use of choir as an instrument on this album). The compositions are of quite high quality and there aren't any weak songs. It might be worth mentioning that the drums were performed by Alex Holzwarth (Sieges Even, Rhapsody).

The production on this album is a bit ambiguous. The drums were recorded at Gate Studio by Sascha Paeth and Olaf Reitmeier (Angra, Kamelot, Heaven's Gate, Epica etc.) With the help of sound engineer Argy Stream, Thanasis Lightbridge handled the other recordings, mixing and mastering in his personal project studio "Theeta". The only complaints I have regarding the sounds concern the guitar tone and the drums, otherwise the sounds are apposite.

Up until now I have listened to Star Tales at least 10 times. You can either get engrossed in the music or use it in the background while doing something else. The music works well both ways. Dol Ammad's Star Tales is definitely an album, which all listeners of instrumental music should buy.

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- MAGE (15.01.2005)


Lightbridge, Thanasis: Synthesizers
Wicked, Jimmy: Guitar
Terry, Nick: Bass
Holzwarth, Alex: Drums

- The Choir -
Alexaki, Vicky
Panagiotidou, Maria
Stolaki, Maria
Tsifodimou, Kortessa
Tsokanou, Zoe
Voulgari, Alexandra

Barmpas, Alexandros
Chouvardas, Kyriakos
Iampoultakis, Panos
Moraitis, Petros
Mpasdekis, Themis
Tsalouhidis, Yiannis
Producer: Lightbridge, Thanasis & Stream, Argy
Mixing by: Lightbridge, Thanasis & Stream, Argy
Mastering by: Lightbridge, Thanasis & Stream, Argy
Dol Ammad - Star Tales  CD  Cover Image
01. Dreamport
02. Eclipse
03. Weaver's Dance
04. Boxed Daylight (Part I)
05. Boxed Daylight (Part II)
06. The Veil (Seven-face Danger)
07. Back to the Zone
08. Master of All
09. The Hill of Hope
10. Birth of Kruug
11. Vortex 3003
12. Mission Butterfly
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