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Back to Times of Splendor

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: [Fusion/Progressive Metal/Death Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

"Back to Times of Splendor" is Disillusion's debut album and it's an exceptional one. Unusually for a debut album, they spent a lot of time in the studio (recording this album took 8 months). No less than four release dates had to be postponed, because of their perfectionism. But I must admit that the production on this album sounds good, so their toil wasn't for nothing.

Disillusion has their own unique sound, which is a fusion of progressive, black, death and thrash metal. Opeth may lose their position to Disillusion among the Progressive Death Metal fans (who knows). Well, I won't speculate that, but I must tell you that this album is really good... There are occasional clean vocals in addition to the hectic screams and grunts. I've never been the greatest fan of Death Metal, but this album impressed me. I'll definately check out their further releases (although they probably won't release anything anytime soon).

Songs contain lots of technical guitarwork and some orchestral arrangements to back up the melodies... Everything from aggressive death metal to clean ballads are covered on this album. This album is almost an hour in length, and it's a pleasure to listen to again... So all Progressive Death Metal fans, be sure to check out Disillusion. You won't regret it...

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- MAGE (18.06.2004)


Schmidt, Andy "Vurtox": Vocals, Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Piano and Orchestral Arrangements
Barthel, Rajk: Guitars
Maluschka, Jens: Drums

Guest musicians on this album:
Bremer, Thomas: Piano on 'And the Mirror Cracked'
Schifter, Matthias: Fretless Bass on 'And the Mirror Cracked' and 'A Day By the Lake'
Schneider, Denise: Female Voice on 'Fall' and 'The Sleep of Restless Hours'
Launicke, Stefan: Piano intro on 'Back to Times of Splendor', Strings on 'Sleep'
Tscholakov, Alex: Drumloops and Percussion on 'Alone I Stand in Fires'
Producer: Schmidt, Andy "Vurtox"
Mixing by: Tscholakov, Alexander & Vurtox
Mastering by: Krull, Alexander
Disillusion - Back to Times of Splendor  CD  Cover Image
01. And the Mirror Cracked
02. Fall
03. Alone I Stand in Fires
04. Back to Times of Splendor
05. A Day by the Lake
06. The Sleep of Restless Hours
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