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Schon, Neal


I on U

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Favored Nations
Genre: [Atmospheric Guitar-oriented Instrumental Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.0

The legendary Journey guitarist Neal Schon has finished his sixth solo album, titled as 'I on U'. For over three decades Schon has honed his playing and composing skills by playing with various artists. For example, Schon is known from his work with Journey, Carlos Santana and Jan Hammer. As Neil Schon says it himself, "this is the first album that encompasses everything and makes it brand new".

I on U contains beautiful soundscapes, passionate guitar playing and soaring melodies. At all times the music remains quite good, but occasionally it reaches inexplicable heights... Those highlights make up for the few less-successful sections of the album. Besides, Neil Schon's soft guitar tone crowns the album.

This album has been produced quite well. The sounds are full and atmospheric. However, few clips occurred, but otherwise the recordings are clean. For drums Schon has used samples and loops, but to give recordings a human touch, services of a session drummer Omar Hakim had to be used.

All in all, Schon's sixth solo release 'I on U' is rather good album. At times this album is splendid, but the mood flags few times during its one-hour length. In case you're into dreamy instrumental guitar music, you should check out I on U. One way of listening to 'I on U' is using the music as a soundtrack on your imaginary movie. You only need to close your eyes and enjoy the journey (no pun intended).

Release date: 22.02.2005

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- MAGE (08.02.2005)


Schon, Neal: All Guitars, Synth Solos & Bass (on Tracks 6 & 9)
Len, Igor: All Keyboards and Sequencing
Hakim, Omar: Drums (on Tracks 2-5, 7-8, 10-12)
Cirimelli, Gary: Drum Programming (Tracks 6 & 9)
Producer: Len, Igor; Schon, Neal & Cirimelli, Gary (Tracks 1, 6 & 9)
Mixing by: Cirimelli, Gary
Mastering by: Cirimelli, Gary
Schon, Neal - I on U  CD  Cover Image
01. Blue Passion
02. I on U
03. Timeless Motion
04. The Chamber
05. Urban Angel
06. Moon Dust
07. Loner's Dream
08. Burning Bridges
09. Highland
10. It Will Happen
11. Taken There
12. Father
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