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Living on the Edge

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Massacre/Nightmare
Genre: [Hard Rock/Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

The project of Jordi Sandalinas began back in 2000, when he showed his early compositions to Andy LaRocque (guitarist for King Diamond). LaRocque introduced singer Apollo Papathanasio (Majestic, Time Requiem, Meduza, Faith Taboo) and drummer Daniel Moilanen (Runemagick, Relevant Few, Notre Dame) to Sandalinas. In order to get the wheels rolling, Jordi Sandalinas decided to bring two studio musicians from Spain with him: Xavier Monfort and a conservatory pianist Narcs Palah. After two months the album was finished.

Living on the Edge is the debut album of Sandalinas. It features 38 minutes of classic hard rock with a touch of metal. Jordi Sandalinas is actually influenced by Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Def Leppard, Tesla and Dokken therefore, one could call his music and playing a mixture of the aforementioned bands. Although, I've heard Apollo Papathanasio's singing before, I didn't recognise his voice at all while listening to Sandalinas. It seems that Papathanasio has developed a different style of singing for hard rock. Nevertheless, his voice suits the music exceptionally well.

Already from the beginning, one of Jordi Sandalinas' goals was to record the album with a great producer. Andy LaRocque was chosen for this task. In addition, he mixed the album. Although few songs have clips (for example, tracks 1, 8 and 9), the overall production is rather good.

Overall, Sandalinas' debut album 'Living on the Edge' is quite a solid album. The quality of material is steady but that is also one of the weaknesses of this album. There aren't any new ground explored with this release but the band has actually taken the "safe" route. This album is also rather short. Nevertheless, for the fans of classic hard rock this album definitely delivers the goods.

Release date: 28.02.2005

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- MAGE (14.02.2005)


Papathanasio, Apollo: Vocals
Sandalinas, Jordi: Guitars
"Victory", Victor: Guitars
Duarte, Fran: Bass
Moilanen, Daniel: Drums

LaRocque, Andy: Guest Guitar Solos on "All Along the Everglades"
and "If It Wasn't for You"
Producer: LaRocque, Andy & Sandalinas, Jordi
Mixing by: LaRocque, Andy & Sandalinas, Jordi
Mastering by: Horn, Andy
Sandalinas - Living on the Edge  CD  Cover Image
01. Living on the Edge
02. All Along the Everglades
03. The Ritual of Truth
04. Follow Me
05. If It Wasn't for You
06. The Day the Earth Died
07. The Conqueror
08. Heaven in You
09. Back in Time
10. Die Hard
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