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Various Artists


Blackmore's Castle: A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow Vol. 2

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Melodic Rock/Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 6.5
Music: 6.5
Production: 6.5

Blackmore's Castle: A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow Vol. 2 is the second (and final) volume of Lion Music's tribute to the music of Ritchie Blackmore. It contains 12 immortal Deep Purple and Rainbow classics in new fresh versions. Each song is covered by different artist/band, and thus the quality of production and performance varies. However, on average the quality of material is between mediocre and good. One of the highlight performances on this cover album is definitely 'I Surrender' by Daniel Flores and Friends (both quality and performance-wise). Unfortunately, not all of the covers are as successful as Flores' rendition.

The music doesn't need any introduction, as the covers mainly stay faithful to the originals... Some interpretation has occurred, but it isn't drastic (at least for the most part). More or less, the songs manage to reproduce the feel of the originals (which should be the main goal with cover albums). Unfortunately, the covers on this album aren't better than the originals.

The production varies quite much between the songs (since the recordings have taken place in different locations). For example, the production on Orion Riders' "Burn" could be better (suffers from lack of presence). On the other hand, "All Night Long" (by Rolf Munkes/Gerald Kloos) suffers from sizzle (EQ of cymbals should be reduced between 8 kHz and 12 kHz). However, there are also exceptions (for example, Daniel Flores and Friends' cover of 'I Surrender' is quite well-produced).

This album might appeal to fans of Ritchie Blackmore's work (especially with Deep Purple and Rainbow). However, listening before buying is recommended since the quality of performances and production varies.

Release date: 25.02.2005

- MAGE (17.02.2005)

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- Domain -
Schulz, Carsten "Lizard": Vocals
Ritt, Axel "Ironfinger": 6- & 12-string Acoustic Guitars,
6- & 12-string Electric Guitars, Backing
and Harmony Vocals, Mixing
Lange, Erdmann "Erdi": Acoustic and Electric Piano,
Hammond Organ, Synthesizers and "Hand Edge Keyboards",
Backing and Harmony Vocals
Mayer, Jochen: Bass, Backing and Harmony Vocals
Köllner, Stefan: Drums

- Michael Harris -
Snyder, Steve: Vocals
Harris, Michael: Guitar, Keyboards
Harris, Brian: Drums
Neal, Mike: Bass
Longoria, J.T.: Mixing at PsychoSound

- Dogpound -
Figge: Bass
Hea: Vocals
Calle: Drums
Micke: Guitars

- Orion Riders -
Lombardo, Joe: Vocals
Condorelli, Antonello: Guitars
Failla, Riccardo: Guitars
Siracusa, Carmelo: Bass
Zappa, Tony: Drums and Keyboards

- Daniel Flores and Friends -
Novak, Andreas: Lead Vocals
Jansson, Benny: Guitars
Lindahl, Andreas: Keyboard Solo
Olsson, Andreas: Bass
Flores, Daniel: Drums, Organ, String Arrangements, Piano and
All Background Vocals, Production & Mixing

- Baltimoore -
Lodin, Bjorn: Vocals
Haugland, Ian: Drums
Larsson, Thomas: Guitar
Johansson, Weine: Bass

- Rolf Munkes/Gerald Kloos -
Munkes, Rolf: All Guitars, Bass, Mixing and Mastering
Michels, Dave: Lead and Background Vocals
Kloos, Gerald: Drums

- Man on Fire -
Sands, Eric: Guitars, Bass
Hodges, Jeff: Vocals, Zen Drum, Keyboards, Production

- Chris Catena -
Catena, Chris: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Mellotron
Flores, Daniel: Drums, Orchestra Arrangements
Filippini, Matteo: Lead Guitar
Ferrara, Aleks: Bass Guitar
del Vecchio, Alessandro: Hammond Organ, Moog

- House of Shakira -
Eklund, Andreas: Lead Vocals
Lundström, Anders: Guitar, Keyboards
Hallstensson, Mats: Guitar, Vocals
Schelander, Per: Bass, Vocals
Andersson, Tony: Drums

- Takara -
Flatters, Michael: Vocals
Grusky, Neal: Guitar
Ragno, Eric: Keyboards
Engelen, Björn: Bass
Jordan, Dave: Drums

- Chris Heaven -
Heaven, Chris: Vocals
Arminchiardi, Max: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Producer: Flores, Daniel & Hodges, Jeff
Mixing by: Ritt, Axel "Ironfinger"; Longoria, J.T.; Flores, Daniel & Munkes, Rolf
Mastering by: Munkes, Rolf
Various Artists - Blackmore's Castle: A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow Vol. 2  CD  Cover Image
01. Stormbringer
02. Lady of the Lake
03. Mary Long
04. Burn
05. I Surrender
06. Kill the King
07. All Night Long
08. Maybe a Leo
09. Mistreated 
10. Lady Starstruck
11. Can't Let You Go
12. Soldier of Fortune
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