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Future World

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music/Marquee
Genre: [Neo-classical Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 5.5
Music: 6.0
Production: 5.0

Future World is Artension's seventh album... Few years back I listened to Artension's "Forces of Nature" album (released in 1999) and I wasn't that impressed by the band. Therefore I wasn't expecting a lot from this new 'Future World' album. Since I really like some of Royal Hunt's material, I kept my fingers crossed and wished for the best...

But it was in vain... The music is still in the same vein as before, a blend of neo-classical metal and progressive metal. Although Artension is somewhat similar to Royal Hunt, they still aren't anywhere near to Royal Hunt's originality. However, there are few refreshing parts which will suffice (at least for some repeated listens). After the fifth listen those parts still keep the listener intrigued (unfortunately, the material isn't fortuitous at all times)... Especially, some of Vitalij Kuprij's synth noodling/soloing could have been excluded without a second thought (some of his playing didn't even flow that well).

The main weakness of this album is definitely the production... For example, the sound quality of drums and percussion is worse than on most demo recordings. Fortunately the vocals sound better (although they could have been warmer). Also the guitar could have been recorded a lot better (people who are recording directly with modeling guitar processors can get better tones). At least the acoustic guitar was recorded averagely. Also some of the keyboard sections could have sounded better, although on average the tone of keyboards was passable. Perhaps the most positive aspect of production on this album is the mastering (there aren't too many clips, although there are some if one listens carefully). Fortunately the sounds seemed to improve a bit towards the end (for example, 'Take Me in Your Arms' sounds ok, although it still has the poor drums).

All in all, I'm quite disappointed with Artension's latest effort... I know John West has sung in better bands (and still sings), so why did he even bother with Vitalij Kuprij's Artension. I think that a musician of his expertise should know better how the album should sound. In case you still consider buying this album, at least be sure to listen to its production before you form the final decision.

Release dates: February 25th, 2005 (Europe), it already has been released in Japan (July 21st, 2004)

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- MAGE (February 24th, 2005)


West, John: Vocals
Staffelbach, Roger: Guitar
Kuprij, Vitalij: Keyboards
Terrana, Mike: Drums
DiGiorgio, Steve: Bass
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Artension - Future World  CD  Cover Image
01. Dark Before the Dawn
02. The Day of Judgement
03. Federation
04. Tree of Knowledge
05. Prelude (J.S. Bach)
06. Future World
07. Close to the Sun
08. Take Me in Your Arms
09. Stand & Fight
10. Really, Really I Don't Care
11. Moonlight Sonata - 1st Movement (Bonus Track)

Length: 50:52
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