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Evil or Divine: Live in New York City

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Spitfire
Genre: [Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 6.5

Ronnie James Dio is a man who needs no introduction, since he has been such a central figure in the classic rock scene (he has sung both in Rainbow and Black Sabbath). 'Evil or Divine: Live in New York City' is his latest live recording, and it consists of the material performed on Killing the Dragon 2002 Tour. In addition to his new material, Dio performs some of the classics (for example, Killing the Dragon, Holy Diver, Rainbow in the Dark & Heaven and Hell). Everything from his solo career highlights to Black Sabbath and Rainbow classics can be found from the set list.

Since everyone has different favourites among DIO's songs, some of the material on this album may not please each and every listener. Thus I find some parts of this recording very good and others less successful. Nevertheless, the 'highlights' are scattered throughout the gig so the whole performance keeps the listener intrigued. As a guitarist I didn't find the guitar solo too especial though.

Production on this live recording could be better... On average, the mix is balanced and the levels aren't too high. However, the cymbals could have been recorded better (they lacked some definition). The mastering was handled by Joe Lambert at Classic Sound without any grave problems (except for the few clips). Unfortunately, there are few annoying details on the mix. For example, the punched in guitar at 2:37 on 'Push' (left channel) doesn't fit to the mix.

'Evil or Divine: Live in New York City' is a middling live recording. For some fans it's enough, but others may have higher expectations.

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- MAGE (March 5th, 2005)


Dio, Ronnie James: Vocals
Aldrich, Doug: Guitar
Wright, Simon: Drums
Bain, Jimmy: Bass
Warren, Scott: Keyboards
Producer: Gill, Rob
Mixing by: Davis, Wyn
Mastering by: Lambert, Joe
DIO - Evil or Divine: Live in New York City  CD  Cover Image
01. Killing the Dragon
02. Egypt / Children of the Sea
03. Push
04. Stand Up and Shout
05. Rock and Roll
06. Don't Talk to Strangers
07. Man on the Silver Mountain
08. Guitar Solo
09. Long Live Rock and Roll
10. Fever Dreams
11. Holy Diver
12. Heaven and Hell
13. The Last in Line
14. Rainbow in the Dark
15. We Rock

Length: 79:17
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