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Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Massacre
Genre: [Symphonic Metal/Melodic Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.5

The symphonic melodic metal band Edenbridge has finished their fourth studio album titled as Shine. Back in 1998 guitarist/keyboardist Lanvall found Edenbridge as a studio-project, but since then Edenbridge has distinguished itself as a live performer as well. In fact, it isn't long ago since they released their first live recording 'A Livetime in Eden'.

The music on Shine is rather even in terms of quality. However, Shine has its peak moments. For example, the beautiful guitar solo in 'And the Road Goes on' is one of such highlights. Lanvall has always had an ear for felicitous melodies, and on this song he performs unforgettable guitar solos (somewhat reminiscent to Dan Rock's lead work)... Otherwise, the music is good but not as memorable as on the 'highlights' of this album. On a side note, Lanvall has also tried to bring forth associations to some well-known songs. As an example, the synth phrase on 'What You Leave Behind' reminds me of Queen's 'The Show Must Go on'.

Some songs on this album contain really good sections, but the songs as a whole aren't that convincing. Having listened to all of Edenbridge's albums, I know that Edenbridge has always come up with good albums, but in my view they still haven't reached the final milestone worth pursuing. That milestone would be the composing of an exquisite tour-de-force that Lanvall is capable of. I know the potential resides in this band, it just needs to get unleashed.

Shine was recorded both in Lanvalls Farpoint Station studio and the House of Audio studio (Vandenplas, Pink Cream 69, D.C. Cooper, Axxis) together with Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69). The sounds are clean and apt, and thus I don't have much to complain about the production. Likewise the mastering has been done professionally.

Fans of Edenbridge will definitely like Edenbridge's latest offering Shine. Also other listeners of symphonic melodic metal may find Edenbridge's Shine worth getting acquainted with. While waiting for the grand tour-de-force from Edenbridge, Shine lightens the anticipation.

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- MAGE (March 9th, 2005)


Lanvall: Guitars, Sitar, Keyboards
Edelsbacher, Sabine: Vocals
Navratil, Roland: Drums
Bindig, Frank: Bass

Ward, Dennis: Backing Vocals
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Edenbridge - Shine  CD  Cover Image
01. Shine
02. Move Along Home
03. Centennial Legend
04. Wild Chase
05. And the Road Goes on
06. What You Leave Behind
07. Elsewhere
08. October Sky
09. The Canterville Prophecy
10. The Canterville Ghost
11. On Sacred Ground (Bonus Track)

Length: 59:55
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