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Various Artists


Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Armageddon
Genre: [Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Black Metal/Power Metal/Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 5.5
Music: 5.0
Production: 6.5

Successful recording of live shows is one of the hardest forms of recording to master. There are so many different things that may fail. Nevertheless, Armageddon Over Wacken releases are quite well-recorded. The recordings strive to reproduce every nuance of the original performances, thus making distinction between the artists.

The variety of artists and bands on Wacken 2004 is laudable... Everything from Death, Black and Thrash Metal to Power and Traditional Metal is covered on this 3 CD-collection. The last CD is dedicated to Underground acts, but it was excluded from this promotional copy.

The main goal of Armageddon Over Wacken releases is to reflect the festival atmosphere in an authentic way. Thus producer Lars Ratz only used the real audience recordings containing the noise of 40 000 metalheads on 'Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004'. Mostly the sounds are quite good, but few artists don't sound too good live (not to mention that some artists don't belong to my personal favourites).

Basically Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004 is quite moderate live release. It can be either used for discovering new artists and bands or enjoying the Wacken 2004 festival whenever you want...

Release date: March 21st, 2005

- MAGE (March 10th, 2005)

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Line-ups may have incorrect information, since there's not
specific information available about the line-ups anywhere
(and RockReviews' staff wasn't present at Wacken)
Feel free to send corrections through contact form.

- Dio -
Dio, Ronnie James: Vocals
Aldrich, Doug: Guitar
Wright, Simon: Drums
Bain, Jimmy: Bass
Warren, Scott: Keyboards

- Motörhead -
Kilmister, Lemmy: Vocals, Bass
Campbell, Phil: Guitar
Dee, Mickey: Drums

- Nevermore -
Dane, Warrel: Vocals
O'Brien, Pat: Guitar
Loomis, Jeff: Guitar
Sheppard, Jim: Bass
Williams, Van: Drums

- Bal Sagoth -
Roberts, Byron: Vocals
Maudling, Chris: Guitar
Greenwell, Mark: Bass
Maudling, Jonny: Keyboards
Mackintosh, Dave: Drums

- Orphanage -
Vogelaar, Lex: Vocals, Guitar
Van Der Aa, Rosan: Vocals
Oosthoek, George: Vocals
Hoogendoorn, Eric: Bass
Eikens, Guus: Keyboards
Poldermann, Erwin: Drums

- Weinhold -
Weinhold, Jutta: Vocals
Reuter, Kai: Guitars
Candas, Phillippe: Drums

- Death Angel -
Osegueda, Mark: Vocals
Cavestany, Rob: Guitar
Pepa, Gus: Guitar
Pepa, Dennis: Bass
Galeon, Andy: Drums

- Brainstorm -
Franck, Andy B.: Vocals
Ihlenfeld, Torsten: Guitar
Loncaric, Milan: Guitar
Mailänder, Andreas: Bass
Bernert, Dieter: Drums

- Mayhem -
Euronymous: Guitar
Butcher, Necro: Bass
Maniac: Vocals

- Children of Bodom -
Laiho, Alexi "Wildchild": Vocals, Guitar
Seppälä, Henkka T. "Blacksmith": Bass
Wirman, Janne: Keyboards
Raatikainen, Jaska: Drums

- Cathedral -
Dorrian, Lee: Vocals
Lehan, Adam: Guitar
Jennings, Gary: Guitar
Griff: Bass
Ramsey Wharton, Mark: Drums

- Cannibal Corpse -
Fischer, George: Vocals
O'Brien, Pat: Guitar
Turner, Jeremy: Guitar
Webster, Alex: Bass
Mazurkiewicz, Paul: Drums

- Doro -
Pesch, Doro: Vocals
Devin, John: Guitar
Henrikson, Tommy: Bass
Rondinelli, Bobby: Drums
Caffery, Chris: Guest Guitar Solo

- Eläkeläiset -
Varis, Onni: Vocals, Keyboards
Halonen, Petteri: Vocals, Guitar
Kinnunen, Lassi: Vocals, Accordion
Varis, Martti: Bass
Voutilainen, Kristian: Drums

- Anthrax -
Bush, John: Vocals
Ian, Scott: Guitar
Caggiano, Rob: Guitar
Vera, Joey: Bass
Benante, Charlie: Drums

- Destruction -
Schirmer, Marcel 'Schmier': Bass, Vocals
Siffringer, Michael: Guitar
Wilkens, Harold: Guitar
Senmann, Thomas: Drums

- Kotipelto -
Kotipelto, Timo: Vocals
Romeo, Michael: Guitar
Kainulainen, Jari: Bass
Wirman, Janne: Keyboards
Malmberg, Juhani: Guitars
Rantanen, Mirka: Drums

- Mystic Prophecy -
Liapakis, Roberto Dimitri: Vocals
G., Gus: Guitar
Pohl, Markus: Guitar
Albrecht, Martin: Bass
Sperling, Klaus: Drums

- Feinstein -
West, John: Vocals
Feinstein, David: Guitar
Howell, Jeff: Bass
Twining, Bob: Keyboards
Horton, Nate: Drums

- Vanguard -

- Gutbucket -

- Mnemic -
Bogballe, Michael: Vocals
Eftemie, Mircea Gabriel: Guitar
Stigart, Rune: Guitar
Larsen, Mikkel: Bass
Rasmussen, Brian: Drums

- Ektomorf -
Zoltan, Farkas: Vocals, Guitar
Laszlo, Kovacs: Guitar
Csaba, Farkas: Bass
Jozsef, Szakacs: Drums

- Reckless Tide -
Troth, Andrew: Vocals
Hallgreen, Kjell: Vocals
Swillus, Susanne: Guitar
Jaath, Oliver: Guitar
Pfeiffer, Henning: Bass
Swillus, Kai: Drums

- Zodiac Mindwarp -
Mindwarp, Zodiac: Vocals
Bastard, Flash: Guitar
Stargazer, Cobalt: Guitar
Garbage, Trash D.: Drums

- Unleashed -
Hedlund, Johnny: Vocals, Bass
Folkare, Fredrik: Guitar
Olsson, Thomas: Guitar
Schultz, Anders: Drums

- Blaze Bayley -
Bayley, Blaze: Vocals
Pesch, Doro: Guest Vocals
(other musicians unknown)

- JBO -
Producer: Ratz, Lars
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Various Artists - Armageddon Over Wacken Live 2004  CD  Cover Image
The tracklist is different on the
retail version, which will consist
of three CDs

Promo CD 1
01. Dio: Holy Diver
02. Dio: Don't Talk to Strangers
03. Motörhead: We Are Motörhead
04. Motörhead: Life Is a Bitch
05. Nevermore: Enemies of Reality
06. Bal Sagoth: The Emperial Lexicon
07. Orphanage: Five Crystals
08. Weinhold: Strike
09. Death Angel: Thicker Than Blood
10. Brainstorm: Hollow Hideaway
11. Mayhem: Pagans Fears
12. Children of Bodom: Six Bounder
13. Cathedral: Stained Glass Horizon
14. Cannibal Corpse: Dormant Bodies Burning
15. Doro: Für Immer
16. Eläkeläiset: Humppa (Jump)

Length: 73:59

Promo CD 2
01. Anthrax: Indians
02. Anthrax: Only
03. Destruction: Nailed to the Cross
04. Kotipelto: Reasons
05. Mystic Prophecy: In the Land of the Dead
06. Feinstein: Rebelution
07. Vanguard: Forgive
08. Gutbucket: 82 Hours Bus Hellride
09. Mnemic: Ghost
10. Ektomorf: Destroy
11. Reckless Tide: Death Train
12. Zodiac Mindwarp: Like a Hurricane
13. Unleashed: To Asgaard We Fly
14. Blaze Bayley: Fear of the Dark
15. JBO: Arschloch Und Spass Dabei

Length: 71:04

The total length of the retail
version is over 220 minutes
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