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Paradise Lost


Paradise Lost

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: GUN
Genre: [Gothic Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 9.0

The eleventh Paradise Lost studio album is simply titled as 'Paradise Lost'. Before I listened to the album, I thought it would introduce yet another change of style. Nonetheless, on this album Paradise Lost continues with their blend of melodic gothic rock and atmospheric metal, so this isn't a start of new era.

The music on Paradise Lost's self-titled album is rather alike compared to their previous efforts. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'd already like to hear something new on their albums. Although the material on this album is rather well-performed, at times I wish there would be some surprising twists on their music. The progressions on 'Paradise Lost' are a bit too foreseeable.

The sounds were honed by Greg Reely, who mixed and mastered 'Paradise Lost' at The Green Jacket, Richmond, BC, Canada. There's not much to complain about the sounds, except for the cymbals... occasionally the cymbals contain a bit shrill-like flavour. Otherwise the sounds are great. The mastering has been handled with proficiency as well.

The fans of Paradise Lost will definitely like this new album since it's rather similar to Paradise Lost's previous albums. On 'Paradise Lost', the sounds are great but the music could be more innovative. This album is quite a safe bet for listeners of atmospheric metal and gothic-tinged rock.

There are samples of "Close Your Eyes", "Forever After", "Laws of Cause", and "Accept the Pain" among others on the official Paradise Lost website for you to listen.

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- MAGE (March 28th, 2005)


Holmes, Nick: Vocals
Mackintosh, Greg: Lead Guitar & Keyboards
Aedy, Aaron: Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar
Edmondson, Steve: Bass
Singer, Jeff: Drums

Elliot, Chris: Keyboards
Fulber, Rhys: Keyboards
Thompson, Heater: Additional Backing Vocals
on "Forever After" & "Over the Madness"
Randi, Leah: Female Choir on "Forever After"
Producer: Fulber, Rhys
Mixing by: Reely, Greg
Mastering by: Reely, Greg
Paradise Lost - Paradise Lost  CD  Cover Image
01. Don't Belong
02. Close Your Eyes
03. Grey
04. Redshift
05. Forever After
06. Sun Fading
07. Laws of Cause
08. All You Leave Behind
09. Accept the Pain
10. Shine
11. Spirit
12. Over the Madness

Length: 47:02
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