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Du & Jag Döden [Limited Edition]

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: SonyBMG
Genre: [Melancholic Pop Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Kent's new album "Du & Jag Döden" concerns itself with death (as its title suggests... it translates into English as: You & I, Death). Kent is one of those bands that has its own sound and style, and naturally the members of Kent stay true to it at all times. Their melancholic pop rock is rather appealing and it has evolved throughout their career. Gladly I can point out that Kent's latest album is simply the band's most mature work to date.

The music on "Du & Jag Döden" shares similarity to Kent's previous albums, and thus this album is rather safe bet for the fans of Kent. The melancholic songs have some great melodies in them, but perhaps there are less obvious "hooks" on this album than on the previous Kent releases. Nonetheless, this is definitely my favourite release from Kent, since the songwriting on this album is more inventive than before.

The production on "Du & Jag Döden" was handled by Kent and Stefan Boman. Suitably the sounds are atmospheric and airy. Except for few details, the mix on this album is great. Chris Blair handled the mastering of this album rather well at Abbey Road Mastering... nonetheless, the drums have a bit squashed sound (which obviously has been intentional).

In case Swedish belongs to the languages of your proficiency and you listen to pop & rock music, then Kent's "Du & Jag Döden" is an album worth giving consideration to. For the most part the lyrical content on this album is rather felicitous and suits the songs well. However, I reckon it isn't even necessary to know Swedish just to enjoy the music.

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- MAGE (April 14th, 2005)

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Berg, Joakim: Vocals, Guitar
Sköld, Martin: Bass & Keyboards
Sirviö, Sami: Guitar & Keyboards
Mänty, Harri: Guitar
Mustonen, Markus: Drums & Keyboards
Producer: Kent & Boman, Stefan
Mixing by: Nordberg, Simon & Boman, Stefan
Mastering by: Blair, Chris
Kent - Du & Jag Döden [Limited Edition]  CD  Cover Image
01. 400 Slag
02. Du Är Ånga
03. Den Döda Vinkeln
04. Du Var Min Armé
05. Palace & Main
06. Järnspöken
07. Klåparen
08. Max 500
09. Romeo Återvänder Ensam
10. Rosor & Palmblad
11. Mannen i Den Vita Hatten (16 År Senare)

Length: 48:24
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