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Mind Gate



Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Lucretia
Genre: [Progressive Metal/Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Folk]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 6.5

Mind Gate (originally known as Candlekeeper) was founded in January 2000. Since then they've released few demos and this release (titled as Spiral), which is actually their first release getting released by a label. Due to the length of their two previous demos, they consider Spiral as their third album. Lyrically it's a continuation to their latest demo "Willow Whisper" since it begins exactly at the point where the 2nd album had ended.

The music on Spiral is a blend of progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal, folk and oriental melodies. Therefore this album is rather diverse in terms of music, and on top of all the vocals are also polymorphous regarding the style (there are both clean male and female vocals as well as some growls). Overall, there are some good elements here and there, but at times it feels like the band plays technical runs and includes time signature changes only to sound progressive... those sections don't always fit to the songs seamlessly and give a somewhat patchwork-like impression. Nevertheless, my ears are already accustomed to intricate music, and thus I find this album rather intriguing to listen to in the long run.

Unfortunately the production on this album is a bit divaricate. Although the synth sounds, bass and vocals have been recorded rather well, drums and guitar could sound a lot more assertive. In addition there are some clips and background noise audible every now and then... nonetheless, the overall mix sounds ok.

Spiral is an album that might appeal to fans of original and open-minded music. However, due to the middling production one might make a hasty assumption of the album in the beginning... regardless, not until one has listened to the whole album, does the true nature of Mind Gate's Spiral reveal.

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- MAGE (April 16th, 2005)


Maciejewski, Mateusz: Guitars
Marcela, Mikolaj: Drums
Lorek, Jan: Bass
Czarski, Maciej: Keyboards, French Voice
Czerwik, Robert: Vocals

Pach, Asia: Vocals
Miczka, Agnieszka: Violin
Producer: Mind Gate & Toifl, Jarek
Mixing by: Toifl, Jarek & Mind Gate
Mastering by: Unavailable
Mind Gate - Spiral  CD  Cover Image
01. Sins of Past
02. Epitaph
03. Falling Away
04. Terminal Neurosis
05. Sorrow
06. Forever Alone

Length: 46:51
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