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Satriani, Joe


Is There Love in Space?

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: EPIC
Genre: [Instrumental Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

A new Satch album is always anticipated, and therefore expectations are quite high (at least in my case). Well after hearing the new album, I must admit I was a little disappointed. I've never enjoyed Satch's singing so much, and on this album he decided to sing more often... Songs are mediocre in my opinion and only few songs stand out (but unfortunately they also degenerate into mediocrity).

Tonewise I was also a little disappointed Satch's guitar tone isn't as good as earlier. I think his new signature amp (Peavey) is more suitable for live performing than recording in studio. The tone is too fuzzy, but some people may enjoy it...

Despite the downsides, this album is still a good album... It isn't excellent nor revolutionary, but it still manages to appease the hunger for guitar virtuosity. The earlier album 'Strange Beutiful Music' was really good instrumental guitar album with beutiful melodies, but this new 'ITLIS' is, on the other hand, more 'pop'... There are catchy hooks and all, but songs aren't as good as earlier. Of course the songs must be simplified when there are vocals, but I think Satch could have done a better job.

Nevertheless, this album may appeal more to some Satch fans... It depends on which Satch style you prefer the most (I prefer the revolutionary Satch Engines of Creation, but I also like the other Satch albums too). So if you like Satch's vocals and more down to earth guitar playing, this album is for you. Satch hasn't lost his ambition to modernize guitar playing... For example 'Searching' has a nice tremolo flutter effect in melody (the best part of the song, in my opinion). So all in all, this is a good album to get (although I prefer his earlier work).

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- MAGE (30.06.2004)


Satriani, Joe: Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonica and Vocals 
Bissonette, Matt: Bass 
Campitelli, Jeff: Drums, Percussion 
Cuniberti, John: Tambourine 
Satriani, ZZ: Bowed Bass on "Bamboo" 
Manning, Mike: Harley Davidson on "I Like The Rain"
Producer: Satriani, Joe
Mixing by: Fraser, Mike
Mastering by: Marino, George
Satriani, Joe - Is There Love in Space?  CD  Cover Image
01. Gnaahh
02. Up in Flames
03. Hands in the Air
04. Lifestyle
05. Is There Love in Space?
06. If I Could Fly
07. The Souls of Distortion
08. Just Look Up
09. I Like the Rain
10. Searching
11. Bamboo
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