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Book of the Dead

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Neo-Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

K (K squared) is the new band from bassist/songwriter Ken Jaquess (Atlantis, Dresden). Since the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" is a topic that yet hasn't been explored in the world of progressive rock, Jaquess decided to write a concept album about it. Together with some talented musicians (guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth and Spock's Beard keyboardist Ryo Okumoto among them) Jaquess came up with rather intriguing progressive rock record that's far from "easy listening". Sadly enough, Shaun Guerin (the singer of this group) passed away shortly after finishing his part of the record.

The music on "Book of the Dead" is best described as neo-prog, and I must admit that Guerin's voice really suits this genre well... it will be a hard task to find a good replacement. The guitar solos of Allan Holdsworth are fitting as are Devereaux's violin sections that give this album a nice touch of Kansas. Ryo Okumoto's occasional keyboard solos remind me of Spock's Beard although they do work in K material equally well. Overall, the material on this album is atmospheric yet diverse neo-prog that should be able to retain its interest in the long run rather well.

The productional aspects of this album were taken care by Ken Jaquess and John Perez... since the sounds on this album are to the point without sacrificing any of the atmosphere, there's not much to complain about. The overall production of this album is very good.

Ken Jaquess has long dreamt of releasing an album of his subject of love and fascination, namely ancient Egypt. With "Book of the Dead" his dream comes true, and in rather brilliant form. In case you're a fan of "classic" neo-prog, this is definitely an album worth checking out.

Visit Ken Jaquess' Official Website

- MAGE (May 6th, 2005)


Jaquess, Ken: Bass, Keyboards & 10 String Acoustic
Devereaux, Yvette: Violin
Guerin, Shaun: Vocals
Holdsworth, Allan: Guest Guitar Solos
Okumoto, Ryo: Piano/Moog
Sanborn, Doug: Drums
Miner, John: Guitar
Producer: Jaquess, Ken
Mixing by: Perez, John & Jaquess, Ken
Mastering by: Perez, John
K - Book of the Dead  CD  Cover Image
01. Chapter 1: Infinite Voyage
02. Chapter 2: Mirror to the Spirits
03. Chapter 3: The Edge of Light
04. Chapter 4: Aten (Windown of Appearance)
05. Chapter 5: Cloack of Antiquity

Length: 46:40
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