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Evil Masquerade


Theatrical Madness

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Frontiers
Genre: [Neo-classical Metal/Melodic Metal/Symphonic Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 7.5
Production: 8.5

The second album of Evil Masquerade is titled as Theatrical Madness, which actually is quite suiting title considering the material to be heard on this album. Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt) handles the vocals proficiently, and the rest of the band are talented musician as well. Dennis Buhl, for example, is better known from Sinphonia and the main man Henrik Flyman is known from his previous band Moani Moana and Zool. In addition to the band itself, there are few guests on this album as well. For example, Andrč Andersen (Royal Hunt) and Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Space Odyssey) have added their neo-classical keyboard wizardry to the soundscape of this album.

The music on Theatrical Madness is a blend of neo-classical metal, melodic metal and symphonic metal among others. Thus this album does sound rather diverse... however, not all of the songs are that fortuitous. Actually, some of the songs are quite mediocre. On average, the material resides more on the successful side though (there are some great hooks scattered throughout this album).

Mastering and mixing was handled by the well-known Tommy Hansen (TNT, Helloween). Therefore it isn't surprising that the sounds on this album are to the point. However, on few occasions Flyman's guitar tone isn't that good (for example, the rhythm tone on "The Dark Play" could have been better).

In case you enjoy listening to neo-classical melodic metal with a hint of progressive and symphonic metal you might want to give Evil Masquerade a try. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this album requires several listens.

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- MAGE (May 6th, 2005)

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Brockmann, Henrik: Lead and Background Vocals
Flyman, Henrik: Guitar and Vocals
Buhl, Dennis: Drums & Percussion
Gram, Kasper: Bass

Special Guests:

Andersen, Andrč: Keyboards on "Bozo the Clown"
Andersson, Richard: Keyboards on "Now When Our Stars Are Fading"
Jensen, Mikkel: Keyboards on "Other Ways to Babylon"
Producer: Flyman, Henrik
Mixing by: Hansen, Tommy
Mastering by: Hansen, Tommy
Evil Masquerade - Theatrical Madness  CD  Cover Image
01. When Satan Calls
02. Theatrical Madness
03. Bozo the Clown
04. Now When Our Stars Are Fading
05. A Great Day to Die
06. The Demolition Army
07. Snow White
08. Witches Chant
09. Other Ways to Babylon
10. The Dark Play
11. Outro

Length: 45:33
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