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Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: InsideOut
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal]
Overall Rating: 9.5
Music: 9.5
Production: 9.5

Threshold's new studio albums are always welcome, so I was really happy to receive their latest CD Subsurface. Once again my expectations are high and fortunately Threshold didn't let me down. First I thought that they haven't got anything new, just reiteration of the old Threshold material, but fortunately I was proved wrong... Subsurface has got innovative ideas regarding song structure, melodical guitar (and synth) playing. If you aren't familiar with Threshold, they play Progressive Rock and Metal with a strong and catchy rhythm department.

Andrew 'Mac' McDermott, Threshold's singer, is good as always. Guitar solos are tasty and melodical. Some of the synth parts are quite pop, which makes Threshold easier to get into than most of the other Progressive Metal bands. Threshold always concentrates on songwriting instead of 'gimmickry' and that's what differentiates Threshold from the others. Nevertheless, their songs are diverse and engrossing.

Once again Threshold has composed a great album. Although, some of the songs remind of the older Threshold material, they aren't too alike. Threshold has their own sound and they have stayed loyal to it this is always a good thing. I can't emphasize enough how good album this is, only thing I can say is that this is one of Threshold's best ones so far.

This CD spins for 58 minutes and 32 seconds. There aren't any 'fill' songs, but all of the songs are good. None of the songs really stand out, as the material is of such high quality. If I must name a listening recommendation, I'd suggest you to listen to 'Pressure'. It has a very catchy riff and it represents what Threshold is all about great rhythm section and great vocals. Also the ballad 'Flags And Footprints' is good (as are the all of the songs, you really can't go wrong with Threshold). Threshold's Subsurface is Progressive Metal at its best. If you're wondering what album to buy next, your search is over, buy Threshold's Subsurface. Even with the fifth listening it sounds fresh. This one could be the album of the month.

Release date: 03.08.2004

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- MAGE (05.07.2004)


McDermott, Andrew 'Mac': Vocals
Groom, Karl: Guitars
Midson, Nick: Guitars
West, Richard: Keyboards
Anderson, Steve: Bass
James, Johanne: Drums
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Threshold - Subsurface  CD  Cover Image
01. Mission Profile
02. Ground Control
03. Opium
04. Stop Dead
05. The Art of Reason
06. Pressure
07. Flags and Footprints
08. Static
09. The Destruction of World
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