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Plant, Robert and the Strange Sensation


Mighty ReArranger

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Sanctuary
Genre: [Rock/Hard Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 8.0

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation have come up with a new album titled as "Mighty ReArranger". The line-up contains a new addition to the band, namely Billy Fuller, who plays electric and double bass on this album. I actually haven't been the biggest fan of Plant's solo career, but Mighty ReArranger succeeded in impressing me.

The music on this album is surprisingly diverse with focus on atmosphere and intricate depth. At times there are slightly oriental melodies as well as quite sudden yet fortuitous changes in song structure - not quite what I expected to hear, so I was favourably impressed already when I heard the first song "Another Tribe". Although some of the material have quite little to offer (at least for me), there are some really successful songs on this album as well. Especially I was impressed with the album opener "Another Tribe", "Tin Pan Valley", "All the Kings Horses", "The Enchanter" and "Dancing in Heaven". Musically the biggest surprise was the "hidden song" in the end (after "Brother Ray"), which has modern sounds and reminds me of trance music.

The sonic impression of this album is rather divaricate - on one hand the sounds are clear but on the other hand there are also sounds that have edge and are a bit dirty. However, the outcome works well on this album, so the sounds are quite fitting. The mixing was handled by Steve Evans at Riverside Studios, Batheaston, Bath England.

Mighty ReArranger has slightly "back to the roots" sense, and thus I reckon this album might appeal to the Led Zeppelin fans more strongly than the previous Robert Plant solo releases. In addition, there are modern influences audible, and thus this album remains rather intriguing to listen. Another intriguing aspect of this album is that it "unfolds" with ensuing listens, and thus the album gets better and better. "Mighty ReArranger" is a crossover of the past and present, complexity and simplicity... definitely recommended to all fans of Mr. Plant.

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- MAGE (May 20th, 2005)


Plant, Robert: Vocals, Harmonica
Baggott, John: Keyboards, Electronica, Moog Bass
Deamer, Clive: Drums, Bendia
Adams, Justin: Electric Guitar, Bendia, Tehardant, Lap Steel, Bass
Tyson, Skin: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Lap Steel, Bass
Fuller, Billy: Electric and Double Bass
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Evans, Steve
Mastering by: Unavailable
Plant, Robert and the Strange Sensation - Mighty ReArranger  CD  Cover Image
01. Another Tribe
02. Shine It All Around
03. Freedom Fries
04. Tin Pan Valley
05. All the Kings Horses
06. The Enchanter
07. Takamba
08. Dancing in Heaven
09. Somebody Knocking
10. Let the Four Winds Blow
11. Mighty ReArranger
12. Brother Ray

Length: 54:19
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