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Winternight Tragedies

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Massacre
Genre: [Melodic Death Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.0
Music: 5.0
Production: 7.5

Here's a band that has never caught my attention, regardless they're coming from my hometown. Their music just never has made any significant impression to me... unfortunately their latest album "Winternight Tragedies" doesn't prove my original conception wrong. The material on this album is mostly sung in English, but there are two exceptions, which feature lyrics in Finnish. The music is tightly performed, and the vocals, for the most part, are growled... however, to provide some refreshing variety, there are also clean vocals brought into the mix (courtesy of Kari "Kakke" Vähäkuopus). So on the face of it, Catamenia's "Winternight Tragedies" seems ok.

Although the music of Catamenia is melodic death metal, there aren't too many melodies that I could recall after listening to this record... actually the songs tend to get rather repetitious after a while, and they don't even have any catchy hooks that would impress the listener. Sadly enough, this is one of those albums that falls into the obscure gorge of trivial records.

Production on this album is rather average, although the sounds are apt. However, the drums could be a bit more assertive and powerful (especially the toms sound hollow). In addition, some background distortion leaks into the mix occasionally. Overall, Catamenia's Winternight Tragedies is rather trifling release that may appeal to some listeners of melodic death. Nonetheless, there are a lot of bands I would recommend over Catamenia.

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- MAGE (June 2nd, 2005)

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Mustonen, O.J. 'Topi': Vocals
Hopeakoski, Riku 'K-oz': Lead Guitar
Nissilä, Ari 'WarTechs': Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jumisko, Veikko 'Moottorisaha': Drums
Nevala, Tero 'Kanttori Hippi': Keyboards
Hepo-oja, Mikko 'D-Stroy': Bass

Vähäkuopus, Kari 'Kakke': Clean Male Vocals
Sainio, Heidi: Female Vocals
Producer: Vähäkuopus, Kari 'Kakke'; Ilmarinen, Immu & Catamenia
Mixing by: Vähäkuopus, Kari 'Kakke' & Ilmarinen, Immu
Mastering by: Vähäkuopus, Kari 'Kakke' & Ilmarinen, Immu
Catamenia - Winternight Tragedies  CD  Cover Image
01. The Heart of Darkness
02. Verikansa
03. Strength and Honor
04. The Crystal Stream
05. Kaamos Warrior
06. My Blood Stained Path
07. Perintö Pohjolan
08. Feed Over
09. The Ancient
10. Fuel for Hatred (Satyricon Cover)

Length: 47:25
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