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Fantastic Freak Show Carnival

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Unsigned
Genre: [Psychedelic Rock/Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 8.5

John Bassett's KingBathMat is rather intriguing band... although the band consists of three members, the albums are solely written and performed by Bassett. The third album "Fantastic Freak Show Carnival" is no exception, and features both Mr. Bassett's musical and productional talent. There's definitely no question about the dedication he puts into KingBathMat.

FFSC takes the listener to a journey through a small country town (Freak Show Town) littered with drunks, drug addicts, mentally-ill, along with the twisted and depraved... so the story provides the perfect setting for psychedelic rock with hints of progressive rock among few other genres. In addition to the main storyline there are also songs that don't follow the story. For example, the eighth track "Illuminous Pups" is an instrumental song depicting a journey around Ireland and about certain illuminous pups locked in a barn. Nonetheless, as a whole this album remains rather consistent.

For the most part the music on this album is very atmospheric, emotional mix of psychedelic music that rivets the listener straight away. I'd say KingBathMat's style is a mix of Porcupine Tree, Anti-Depressive Delivery and the likes. The songs are nicely fluctuating and the use of vocals is even imaginative. Production-wise there's some room for improvement, but overall the sounds are to the point.

KingBathMat is a band that has its own style, and hopefully FFSC manages to arouse some interest in the general public. Fantastic Freak Show Carnival is a strong album, and I definitely hope to hear further releases from KingBathMat. Simply, this is an album every music lover has to hear.

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- MAGE (June 2nd, 2005)


Bassett, John: All Instruments

Live Line-up:

Bassett, John: Bass, Vocals
Sulsh, Lee: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Smirnoff, Bernie: Drums
Producer: Bassett, John
Mixing by: Bassett, John
Mastering by: Bassett, John
KingBathMat - Fantastic Freak Show Carnival  CD  Cover Image
01. Ghost in the Fire
02. FFSC
03. Rejected
04. Kings Ransom
05. Hornets Nest
06. Sweet Iris
07. Simpleton Know It All
08. Illuminous Pups
09. Wonderful Life
10. Interval
11. Soul Searching Song

Length: 45:56
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