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Lavigne, Avril


Under My Skin [Special Edition]

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Arista/SonyBMG
Genre: [Rock/Pop/Punk]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.0

The expectations regarding Avril Lavigne's second album "Under My Skin" were quite high when it was originally released... after all, her debut sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Although Under My Skin didn't sell as well as Lavigne's debut, it is by no means a bad album - quite the opposite, actually. Mostly the songs featured on this album are both well performed and crafted, though few songs aren't as fortuitous as others.

The chances are that you've heard a song or two from this album already on the radio, so you probably know that miss Lavigne's music is a blend of pop and rock with some hints of punk. In addition to the original album, this special edition contains four live bonus tracks along with the bonus DVD. The DVD consists of four videos and two documentaries, and is rather nice addition to the album.

As one may assume, the production on this album is rather good. However, slight background distortion did occur a couple of times (both in studio and live recordings). Also the levels on the DVD weren't always consistent (they changed a bit between the videos and the documentaries). Otherwise, there's not much to complain. Even the picture quality on the DVD is great. On the whole, the overall production of this release is very good.

In case you have missed the initial release of "Under My Skin", here's a good chance to get the album with bonus material included. I reckon the bonus footage on this release will rationalize also the fans to buy this special edition of Under My Skin - even if they have the initial release. So check it out...

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- MAGE (June 2nd, 2005)


Lavigne, Avril: Vocals, String Arrangement on Track 5, Guitars on
Tracks 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16

Ward, Michael: Guitar on Tracks 1, 2 & 8
O'Brien, Jon: Keyboards & Programming on Tracks 1, 2, 7 & 8
Freese, Josh: Drums on Tracks 1 & 8
Static: Keyboards & Programming on "Together"
Kreviazuk, Chantal: Piano on Tracks 2 & 12 and Keyboards & String
Arrangement on Tracks 5 & 12
Taubenfeld, Evan: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals
on Tracks 3 & 11 and Drums on "Freak Out"
Walker, Butch: Electric Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion,
Programming on Tracks 3 & 11 and Backing Vocals on "Don't Tell Me",
and Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano & Programming on
"My Happy Ending"
Cresswell, Kenny: Drums on "Take Me Away"
X, Phil: Guitar on Tracks 4, 5, 9, 10 & 12
Elizondo, Mike: Bass on "He Wasn't"
Lefler, Bill: Drums on Tracks 4, 5, 9 & 12
Garcia, Brian: Percussion on Tracks 4, 5, 9 & 12
Lader, Jason: Bass & Programming on Tracks 5, 9, 10 & 12
Maida, Raine: Keyboards & String Arrangement on Tracks 5, 9 & 12
and Guitar on Tracks 10 & 12
Lawrence, Victor: Cello on Tracks 5 & 12
Robertson, Mark: Violin on Tracks 5 & 12
Fisher, Sam: Violin on "How Does It Feel"
Randall, Shanti: Viola on "How Does It Feel"
Aronoff, Kenny: Drums & Percussion on Tracks 6 & 10
Warren, Patrick: Keyboards, Strings & Chamberlain on
"My Happy Ending"
Chase, Dan: Drum Programming on "My Happy Ending"
Moody, Ben: Guitar on "Nobody's Home"
Campbell, David: String Arrangement on "Nobody's Home"
Wackerman, Brooks: Drums on "Nobody's Home"
Lashley, Nick: Guitar on "Fall to Pieces"
Formicola, Sam: Violin on "Slipped Away"
Fernandez, Alma: Viola on "Slipped Away"
Broson, Devin: Lead Guitar on Tracks 13, 14 & 15
Wood, Craig: Guitar on Tracks 13, 14 & 15
Moniz, Charles: Bass on Tracks 13, 14 & 15
Brann, Matt: Drums on Tracks 13, 14 & 15
Producer: Gilmore, Don (1, 2, 7 & 8); Walker, Butch (3, 6 & 11) & Maida, Raine (4, 5, 9, 10 & 12)
Mixing by: Lord-Alge, Tom except Tracks 1, 2 & 8 by Staub, Randy
Mastering by: Zervos, Leon (13, 14, 15 & 16)
Lavigne, Avril - Under My Skin [Special Edition]  CD  Cover Image
01. Take Me Away
02. Together
03. Don't Tell Me
04. He Wasn't
05. How Does It Feel
06. My Happy Ending
07. Nobody's Home
08. Forgotten
09. Who Knows
10. Fall to Pieces
11. Freak Out
12. Slipped Away

Bonus Live Tracks
13. Nobody's Home (Live)
14. Take Me Away (Live)
15. He Wasn't (Live)
16. Tomorrow (Live)

Length: 53:58

Special Edition Bonus DVD

1. Under My Skin Diary     [21:39]
2. Bonez Tour Documentary  [20:43]
3. Don't Tell Me (Video)   [3:27]
4. My Happy Ending (Video) [4:09]
5. Nobody's Home (Video)   [3:42]
6. He Wasn't (Video)       [3:04]

Length: 56:44
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