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Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Adipocere
Genre: [Brutal Death Metal]
Overall Rating: 5.5
Music: 4.5
Production: 7.5

Here's a band that has gone through a lot before even releasing their debut not to mention getting signed. First of all, the band was already formed in 2000, and originally known as Indespair... in 2003, Indespair entered Danish Melo-Death Grand Prix, which they won. So naturally, the band started recording material for their debut album (back then titled as "Oppressed by Contempt"). Unfortunately, the bass player Søren Maiboe passed away shortly after the recordings. In addition, the drummer Lars Poulsen decided to leave the band. Fortunately, the remaining members managed to find replacements rather quickly in Jesper Frost (Iniquity, Thorium) and Thomas Berg (Jeel). Indespair also decided to change their name to Eciton after the line-up change. Finally in early 2005, the band signed a deal with French Adipocere Records for a release of "Oppressed" (the title of the album got shorter).

Despite the band winning the Danish Melo-Death Grand Prix, their music isn't that melodic. Actually Eciton's music is brutal death metal. I've never been the biggest fan of brutal death metal, although I do enjoy listening to some bands falling into this genre. Nonetheless, those bands are innovative or either use some really catchy riffs in their music. However, Eciton's Oppressed is rather indifferent recording, and thus doesn't impress me. At times there are some good riffs, but on the whole this album isn't that spectacular. On top of all, Oppressed is rather short (about 33 minutes).

The production of Oppressed was handled by Lars Schmidt (Konkhra, Furious Trauma). As one might expect from Schmidt, the sounds on this album are powerful. Also the playing on this recording is tight, and I reckon also the new line-up can perform well... so hopefully Eciton's next release shows more innovative songwriting than on their debut "Oppressed". In case you don't care too much about diversity, and are searching for a powerful, brutal in-your-face death metal album, you might get a kick out of Eciton's Oppressed.

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- MAGE (June 4th, 2005)

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Album line-up:
Bøeck, Jesper: Vocals
Vibe, T.C.: Guitars 
Maiboe, Søren: Bass
Poulsen, Lars: Drums

Current line-up:
Bøeck, Jesper: Vocals, Bass
Vibe, T.C.: Guitars 
Berg, Thomas: Guitars
Frost, Jesper: Drums
Producer: Schmidt, Lars & Eciton
Mixing by: Schmidt, Lars & Eciton
Mastering by: Unavailable
Eciton - Oppressed  CD  Cover Image
01. Butchering the Helpless
02. Cynical Exploitation of Mankind
03. Waiting with Regret
04. The Excitement
05. Fuck You World
06. Slaughter of the Innocent
07. Someone Suffers
08. In Good Faith
09. Sanguinity Dreams

Length: 33:55
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