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Impaled Nazarene


Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Osmose
Genre: [Death Metal/Black Metal]
Overall Rating: 5.5
Music: 5.0
Production: 7.0

To celebrate their 15 years of existence, Impaled Nazarene decided to release their first official live album "Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces". The gig was recorded at Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland (December 19th, 2004). As much as I try to enjoy listening to IN's music, I simply don't see why they are so popular. For some reason, their music just doesn't impress me. I have to admit though, apart from the feedback coming from the amps few times and the fact that the singer Sluti666 misses some notes (his pitch fluctuates quite a bit), which isn't surprising considering that he screams throughout the gig, this live recording is fairly well-performed.

Compositionally Impaled Nazarene's music is somewhat monotonous, at least that's how I've always perceived it. At times they blend some melodies (that are, for the most part, "loaned" from other bands) in their music... regardless, they also play lots of their own melodies but mostly those melodies aren't that good. This recording is a cross-section of Impaled Nazarene's career (all of their so-called "hits" are included on DCi26CSP). Nevertheless, I only find few good sections in their music every now and then. I guess IN isn't for me, a listener who appreciates innovative music that is well performed.

This recording was mixed by IN's own soundman Tapio Pennanen. The mastering, on the other hand, was taken care at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila. These guys handled their jobs rather well, as this live recording does sound quite good. Nonetheless, regarding some aspects there's still room for improvement.

This release is definitely a must-have for the fans of the band, and it also might prove to be a good way to check out whether you like or dislike IN's music. However, I'd rather listen to the more original and innovative death and black metal artists.

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- MAGE (June 4th, 2005)


Luttinen, Mika 'Sluti666': Vocals
Arnkil, Mikael 'Arc V 666': Bass
Anttila, Jarno 'Onraj 9mm': Guitar
Louhio, Tuomo 'Tuomio': Guitar
Kellokoski, Reima 'Repe Misanthrope': Drums
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Pennanen, Tapio
Mastering by: Jussila, Mika
Impaled Nazarene - Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces  CD  Cover Image
01. Intro
02. The Horny and the Horned
03. Armageddon Death Squad
04. Goat Perversion
05. 1999: Karmageddon Warriors
06. Motorpenis
07. Kohta Ei Naura En Jeesuskaan
08. The Endless War
09. Sadhu Satana
10. Ghettoblaster
11. Coraxo
12. Soul Rape
13. Sadistic 666/Under a Golden Shower
14. Zero Tolerance
15. The Maggot Crusher
16. Let's Fucking Die
17. Tribulation Hell
18. We're Satan's Generation
19. Cogito Ergo Sum
20. Goat Seeds of Doom
21. Condemned to Hell
22. Intro S.F.P.
23. Sadogoat
24. Vitutuksen Multihuipennus
25. The Lost Art of Goat Sacrificing
26. Total War - Winter War

Length: 68:04
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