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Man on Fire



Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Modern Rock]
Overall Rating: 9.0
Music: 9.0
Production: 8.5

Looking for something original yet accessible, diverse and at the same time harmonius? Look no further, Man on Fire's third album "Habitat" is ready to deliver the goods. This time MoF has come up with a concept album that details a variety of different lives within a single urban city block. Basically each track portrays one or more of the individuals living within this block. Therefore the material remains rather varying (the tracks portray different kinds of lives). Nonetheless, the tracks are knitted together surprisingly well, and thus "Habitat" remains as a cohesive listening experience.

As with the previous MoF album, David Ragsdale (Kansas, Smashing Pumpkins, Salem Hill) has contributed some exceptional violin parts to this album. Another special guest on this album is Adrian Belew, whose guitar virtuosity fits to the soundscape of Man on Fire seamlessly. In case you have listened to Man on Fire's previous releases, you already know that the music is really unique... there aren't any obvious influences. The material on "Habitat" is best described as melodic and atmospheric rock coupled with adventurous and refreshing approach to songwriting along with a good use of dynamics.

Since Jeff Hodges is known as a professional studio producer, he naturally handled the production and mixing of this album. The mastering, on the other hand, was left for Brad Blackwood (Evanescence) to handle. The result is rather good sounding album with a rich ambience. Nevertheless, regarding some aspects the sounds still could be further improved.

This is a really intriguing album, which should appeal to every open-minded listener who appreciates originality. I definitely recommend checking out "Habitat", and therefore advice you to browse to Mindawn.com where you can listen to this album yourself... the first listen should already be enough to convince you to buy the album, but in case it isn't, be sure to use all the three times you can freely listen to it. Here's a direct link to the "Habitat" page on Mindawn

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- MAGE (June 6th, 2005)


Hodges, Jeff: Vocals, Keyboards, Loops & Samples
Sands, Eric: Fretted Bass, Fretless Bass, 7 String Guitars
Sindon, Rob: Drums & Percussion
Carroll, Steve: Lyrics

Special Guests:
Belew, Adrian: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Effects
Ragsdale, David: Violin

Additional Musicians:
Shelly, Brent: Acoustic Guitar on Tracks 3, 9, 10 and 12
Meeder, Richard: Bass in Instrumental Break on Track 4
Producer: Hodges, Jeff
Mixing by: Hodges, Jeff
Mastering by: Blackwood, Brad
Man on Fire - Habitat  CD  Cover Image
01. The Block
02. Mr. Lie
03. Majestic
04. Beast Inside
05. Street Game
06. What the Canvas Hides
07. Might Is Right
08. Curtain Call
09. Shelter
10. Love Never Lost
11. Broken
12. Habitat

Length: 68:34
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