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Gift from Time

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: UBP
Genre: [Melodic Rock/AOR]
Overall Rating: 8.0
Music: 8.0
Production: 7.5

ClearLand is a Bulgarian hard rock duo consisting of Nikolay Raikov and Konstantin Jambazov. The band started as a private project in 2000 (in Varna, Bulgaria). Originally these guys just recorded songs for their own amusement. However, one of their demo CDs was sent to UBP International by chance, and it resulted in landing a record deal. After recording few additional parts and re-mixing 10 songs, ClearLand's debut album "Gift from Time" was ready.

The music of ClearLand is melodic hard rock in the vein of bands of the 70's and the 80's. Although the music isn't too original, it's both well performed and composed. Despite the music being good, the limelight still falls on Nikolay Raikov, the singer, whose voice is really good. No wonder, Raikov has led one of the most famous Bulgarian melodic rock bands "Diana Express". Jambazov's guitar playing skills are also worth mentioning, and they're another distinctive feature of ClearLand's music. The last track is actually an instrumental rendition of Queen classic "Bohemian Rhapsody", on which Jambazov's phrasing skills become most evident.

The mixing of "Gift from Time" took place at Classic Studio, Varna, Bulgaria by Konstantin Jambazov and Ilian Iliev. The mastering, on the other hand, was handled by Tony Grapes. The result is rather good sounding album that, however, still could be further honed in terms of sounds.

In case you listen to melodic hard rock in the vein of artists of the 80's, I recommend you to give a try to ClearLand. The quality of this album is outstandingly steady, which ensures the listening experience will be pleasing.

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- MAGE (June 8th, 2005)


Raikov, Nikolay: Vocals
Jambazov, Konstantin: Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Additional Musician:
Petrov, Peter: Drums
Producer: Jambazov, Konstantin
Mixing by: Jambazov, Konstantin & Iliev, Ilian
Mastering by: Grapes, Tony
ClearLand - Gift from Time  CD  Cover Image
01. Feel the World
02. Gift from Time
03. I Keep Trying
04. Love and Tenderness
05. The Way to Love You More
06. I Will Fly
07. Temptation
08. Keep Spirits High
09. Vechen Sun
10. S Teb
Bonus Track:
11. Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen Cover)

Length: 57:05
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