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Frogg Café


Fortunate Observer of Time

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: ProgRock
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Avant Garde Art Rock]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 9.5

Frogg Caf's new album "Fortunate Observer of Time" really managed to favourably surprise me. Having listened to both their self-titled debut album and the criticallly acclaimed "Creatures", I didn't expect to hear such a mature work in terms of music (they used to go a bit too far with their experimentation). Compared to their previous albums, on "Fortunate Observer of Time" Frogg Caf's unique style has reached another level. Their sui generis mix of progressive rock, jazz, avant-garde, art rock and modern chamber music with the jamband approach to improvisation has become even more seamless, and their songwriting skills have also taken a step forward (as has the production).

As with the previous Frogg Caf releases, the most discernible influences on their music are Yes, Gentle Giant, Ian Andersson, Genesis, Ravel, Zappa (after all, they started out as a Frank Zappa tribute band called Lumpy Gravy), Phish, King Crimson, Stravinsky, Mingus, Coltrane, Ives, and Copland. I reckon it's quite safe to say that listeners of those aforementioned bands and artists will most likely find listening to Frogg Caf's music rewarding. Since all the members of the band are university trained in music, the musicianship on this album is of very high quality. The guest appearance on this record is also worth mentioning, since Frank Zappa's percussionist Ed Mann performs on the 15 minute epic "Abyss of Dissension".

The production on this album is also top-class. Mixing was handled by Bill Ayasse, whose performance behind the mixing console seems to have further evolved compared to the previous releases - the sounds are warm and atmospheric yet clean. Over and above, this album was mastered by the Grammy award winning engineer Andreas Meyer. So what are you waiting for? Check out the album at Mindawn, listen to it once or twice, and evidently place your order for it (supposing that you listen to this kind of music).

Release date: June 21st, 2005

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- MAGE (June 13th, 2005)


Ayasse, Bill: Electric and ACoustic Violins, Vocals, Mandolin, Percussion
Uh, Steve: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Violin
Lieto, Nick: Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Sussman, Andrew: Electric Bass, Cello, Vocals
Guarnieri, James: Drums, Percussion
Mann, Ed: Marimba, Vibes, Percussion (on Track 7)
Producer: Ayasse, Bill
Mixing by: Ayasse, Bill
Mastering by: Meyer, Andreas
Frogg Café - Fortunate Observer of Time  CD  Cover Image
01. Eternal Optimist
02. Fortunate Observer of Time
03. Reluctant Observer
04. No Regrets
05. Resign
06. You're Still Sleeping
07. Abyss of Dissension
08. Release

Length: 61:49
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