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Gae Bolg


Aucassin et Nicolette

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Auerbach Tonträger
Genre: [Atmospheric/Ambient/Experimental/Celtic Folk/Gregorian Choir/Psychedelic]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 7.5

Firstly I've got to admit I haven't heard of Gae Bolg (a project of Sol Invictus' trumpet player Eric Roger) prior to receiving a promotional copy of this album, so I didn't have a clue what to expect from this record. Generally speaking, my first listen passed with amazement... nonetheless, with ensuing listens I started to concentrate more on the story, which turns out to be the way the music on this album gets even more impressive. However, I reckon also those who don't know a single word of French can enjoy listening to this album by placing all the attention on the different nuances of music.

Aucassin et Nicolette borders at experimental ambient music and folk that complements the story of this release surprisingly well. Basically the music provides the setting for the concept of "Aucassin et Nicolette", which is based on the book with the same name ("Chantefable", which actually is the first prosimetron in French literature). It tells a story of the son of Count, Aucassin, and the beautiful slave, Nicolette, who fall in love against the Count's will. For the most part, this album is quite refreshing to listen, since the material is so diverse. As well it might, the songs titled as Invocation I and II give an impression of some demonic ritual. On the other hand, "La Maladie d'Aucassin" and "Le Retour d'Aucassin" are rather psychedelic songs. Regardless, my favourites on this album are tranquil "Chanson", freaky yet catchy "Dans la Loge" and the soothing gregorian ballad "Ballade".

The sounds on "Aucassin et Nicolette" are quite atmospheric and apt. In spite of all, there's room for improvement regarding some sounds. Overall, this is a dark, gloomy record with a medieval atmosphere. This album requires some time to digest, but in the end you might be favourably surprised... however, be sure to listen before buying.

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- MAGE (June 16th, 2005)

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Roger, Eric: Everything ?!?
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Gae Bolg - Aucassin et Nicolette  CD  Cover Image
01. Prélude
02. Invocation I
03. Le Diable Parle
04. La Maladie d'Aucassin
05. Chanson
06. Sur les Bords de l'Ille
07. Dans la Loge
08. Les Visions de Théophile
09. Invocation II
10. Danse
11. Le Tygne Noir
12. Ballade
13. Passacaille
14. Le Retour d'Aucassin
15. Aucassin et Nicolette

Length: 47:39
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