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Seventh Wonder



Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Lion Music
Genre: [Progressive Rock/Neo-classical Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.0
Music: 7.0
Production: 7.5

From the ashes of Mankind rises a new band called Seventh Wonder. After finding a keyboardist and vocalist, the band recorded "Temple in the Storm", a demo that eventually was well received among the press and earned the band negotiations with three labels at the same time. The deal was signed with the Finnish label Lion Music, which releases the debut album of Seventh Wonder in June 2005. Unfortunately during the recording of this album some tensions between the band and the latest addition Andi Kravljaca started to brew. As a result the rest of the band parted ways with the vocalist after recording "Become"... it's actually a shame, since I find Kravljaca's somewhat limpid voice rather fitting. Well, the band has already found a great replacement in certain Tommy Karevik, so it'll be interesting to hear the second album of Seventh Wonder.

The music on Become is mostly a blend of melodic progressive rock and neo-classical metal. The songs are quite traditional, and thus doesn't offer anything mind blowing. However, at times there are fairly fortuitous sections amongst the moderate parts. In addition, some of the vocal melodies are really apt. It's slightly bothersome, however, that at times the band performs progressive time signature changes, which aren't always seamless enough... it seems as if the band plays those sections just in order to sound progressive instead of making the song more interesting. Fortunately, this doesn't occur too often, though. Perhaps the most felicitous composition on this album is "Temple in the Storm"... also the ninth track (which is untitled) is worth mentioning, since it works well as an ending tune.

The production on this album is quite average... the recordings are clear, but there's some room for improvement regarding the sounds. For example, the guitar tone is slightly muffled and the drums could have sounded better (especially the cymbals). Other than that, the sounds are fairly well mixed. All in all, Seventh Wonder is an interesting addition to the metal scene with a crossover appeal to both listeners of progressive and neo-classical music. Although Seventh Wonder's music isn't that innovative, it's well performed so checking them out won't hurt...

Release date: June 22nd, 2005

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- MAGE (June 21st, 2005)


Sandin, Johnny: Drums
Blomqvist, Andreas: Bass
Liefvendahl, Johan: Guitar
Sderin, Andreas: Keyboards
Kravljaca, Andi: Vocals
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Tailor Maid Studios
Seventh Wonder - Become  CD  Cover Image
01. Day by Day
02. Like Him
03. The Damned
04. Temple in the Storm
05. Blinding My Eyes
06. The Secret
07. What I've Become
08. In The Blink of an Eye

Length: 51:01
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