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...for Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Metal Heaven
Genre: [Symphonic Power Metal/Melodic Metal]
Overall Rating: 6.5
Music: 6.5
Production: 7.0

Originally known as Aria, this young German metal band was founded by the keyboardist Markus Bohr. However, soon after the line-up got completed the band changed its name to Saidian (in 2004). Since this is their debut album, I had no expectations from the band, and it actually made me wonder if Saidian is a new gem among the plethora of artists in the metal scene...

The music on this album is melodic and symphonic power metal with high-pitched male vocals... unfortunately Markus Engelfried doesn't rank with the best but instead is rather moderate vocalist (his voice isn't too appealing). Of all artists, Saidian's music reminds me the most of Royal Hunt (especially "Burn Down the Night" has definite RH influences). It's a shame the music is fairly traditional, and doesn't manage to impress me... there just aren't any really catchy hooks that would make the album worth listening to over and over again. However, some of the guitar and keyboard solos are quite good, but they don't save the otherwise spiritless songs. No matter how many ensuing listens I give this album, I'm not able to find its material intriguing at all.

The sounds on this album are on the better half of the average... there's nothing exceptional about it, but on the other hand there aren't any grave blunders either. Actually the sounds are rather fitting. Overall, this is an ok effort for a debut album, but nowadays that simply isn't enough... Saidian needs to enhance their music by making it more memorable and original. Nonetheless, "...for Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn" might appeal to some listeners of bands such as Royal Hunt, Stratovarius and the like... however, listening before buying is advisable. I, for one, would rather grab any Royal Hunt album over this one. Perhaps the next Saidian album will show more mature approach to songwriting, and manage to impress me... who knows? Until then, Saidian belongs to the better half of the mediocre bands in my book.

Release date: June 27th, 2005

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- MAGE (June 25th, 2005)


Bohr, Markus: Keyboards
Engelfried, Markus: Vocals
Glassmann, Manuel: Bass
Dittrich, Stefan: Drums
Blattert, Rodrigo: Guitars
Producer: Maranis, Vagelis
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Saidian - ...for Those Who Walk the Path Forlorn  CD  Cover Image
01. The Path Forlorn (Intro)
02. Burn Down the Night
03. Lonely Nights
04. Silent Killer
05. Heart of Stone
06. Cry in the Rain
07. Chains of Time
08. The Only One
09. Raging Fire

Length: 42:23
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