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Bodin, Tomas



Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: InsideOut
Genre: [Progressive Rock]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.5
Production: 8.0

What can one expect when the keyboardist of the Swedish progrockers Flower Kings releases a solo album... well material that's pretty much similar to that of the Flower Kings' (especially, since TFK is heavily keyboard-driven progrock). Nonetheless, the songs aren't quite as good as on TFK albums. Fans of Bodin's previous solo albums might be surprised to notice that Bodin has moved from instrumental music to one that features guest vocalists.

I A M is a progrock album with a rather multidimensional concept - you can listen to the album again and again whilst discovering new sides and interpretations of the lyrics. Regrettably, there's a bit too much gimmickry on this album to my liking... for example, the first song deteriorates towards the end (in the beginning it's ok... unfortunately it contains quite a lot of mindless experimentality in the latter half). Fortunately the second song "A" contains more sensible approach to songwriting (and therefore it's the best song on this album). Although the songs are around 20 minutes in length, the material is fluctuating enough to keep the listener intrigued through the whole album.

The production on this album is rather good... regardless, the drums could have been mixed better. All in all, Bodin's I A M is an ok progrock effort... in case you like listening to the Flower Kings and the like, be sure to give this album a try - you might like it.

Release date: June 27th, 2005

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- MAGE (June 27th, 2005)

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Bodin, Tomas: Keyboards
Reingold, Jonas: Bass
Liliequist, Marcus: Drums
Marsh, Jocke JJ: Guitars
Jansson, Anders: Vocals
Bodin, Pernilla: Vocals
Schönning, Helene: Vocals
Producer: Unavailable
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Bodin, Tomas - I A M  CD  Cover Image
01. I
     I. The Beginning
    II. Wheel Spinner
   III. Day by Day
    IV. Mother's Heart
     V. Speeder
    VI. They'll Fight for Me!
   VII. Fighters
  VIII. War Is Over
    IX. Aftermath
     X. The Angel of Dreams
    XI. The Awakening
02. A
     I. Take Me Home
    II. The Tree of Knowledge
   III. The Path of Decision I
    IV. The Prayer
     V. The Path of Decision II
    VI. Close the Deal
   VII. The Path of Decision III
  VIII. The Tube of Reverse
03. M
     I. In the Land of Retrospect "Why / 7 Days
        at Kingdom's Inn"
    II. Voice Macabre
   III. Dance Macabre
    IV. The Halls of Future
     V. The Path of Light I
    VI. The Path of Light II

Length: 63:24
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