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Portrait of the Abyss Within

Year: 2004
Format: CD
Label: Limb Music Products
Genre: [Modern Thrash Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.0

Eldritch is a progressive metal band from Italy or so they claim. Their style isn't so progressive, I'd call it thrash metal with some progressive elements. Their songs are energetic, innovative, diverse and fluctuating. I was impressed with their song material, it's so good and refreshing. For example, it's refreshing to hear the use of Whammy pedal elsewhere than on Satriani's records. Their influences are quite easy to recognise. 'The World Apart', for example, is influenced by Paradise Lost.

Terence Holler is quite a good singer (I prefer him over Icycore's Valerio Voliani). Holler's voice suits the music well, and the use of his voice is versatile. Songs vary quite a lot stylistically, there's some ballads scattered between the more aggressive songs. Songs are quite strong entities, they all succeed in keeping the listener interested. Therefore the re-listening value on this album is quite high.

Unfortunately the production on this album is inconsistent... Mixing on this album has been done well, but unfortunaly quality of mastering varies. Every now and then there's slight distortion, which is slightly disruptive. Usually it occurs in the guitar solos... It's a shame, because I like to listen well produced music. Fortunately the distortion isn't so noticeable while listening with loudspeakers instead of headphones.

Overall this album is good, a worthy option among the profusion of good metal bands. Length of this album is 49 minutes, which is pretty average. I'd recommend fans of heavy metal to check this album out listen to "Forbidden (edit, 5:05)" on Limb Music's website and see if Eldritch is for you. I hope they will fix the slight distortion on the solos by the next album.

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- MAGE (10.07.2004)


Holler, Terence: Vocals
Oliviero, Lisa: Bass
Simone, Eugene: Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Proietti, Roberto "Peck": Rhythm and Harmony Guitars 
Simeone, Dave: Drums
Producer: Simone, Eugene
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
Eldritch - Portrait of the Abyss Within  CD  Cover Image
01. Muddy Clepsidra
02. Forbidden
03. The World Apart
04. This Everlasting Mind Disease
05. Picture on the Wall
06. Dice Rolling
07. Drowning
08. Blindfolded Walkthrough
09. See You Down
10. Slow Motion "K" Us
11. Lonesome Existence
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