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Songs for the Sinners

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Spinefarm
Genre: [Melancholic Rock & Metal]
Overall Rating: 7.5
Music: 7.0
Production: 8.0

Songs for the Sinners is the fifth album from the Finnish rock/metal act Charon. Those of you who aren't familiar with the band should know Charon was already founded in 1992. However, not until 2001 did the band attain wider recognition in Finland with their Downhearted album (a year before they had changed label from Danish Diehard Records to Finnish Spinefarm Records). Charon is mainly known from their heavy-hearted rock songs that border on metal frequently.

The song material on this album is rather steady quality-wise. However, some songs do stand out from the rest... these highlights include Bullet, She Hates and Ride on Tears, for example. Especially Bullet favourably surprised me with its diversity - apparently the band has progressed since their early days. This record also features some performances from guest musicians... Santeri "Sande" Kallio (Amorphis) and Kari Tornack (Thunderstone), for example, perform some hammond-wizardry on this album.

Charon's collaboration with Mikko Karmila seems to work well, since he had some say in arrangement of the songs (Bullet, for instance). Naturally, Karmila also took care of mixing. Thus it isn't surprising that the sounds on this record are well-refined. Nonetheless, at times it feels as if the mix is lacking power.

All in all, Charon's Songs for the Sinners is quite good record that definitely appeals to some listeners of the genre. Nevertheless, the band has potential to do even better... hopefully they'll have the courage to be more adventurous with their future releases, so we'll get more compositions like Bullet.

Release date: August 31st, 2005

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- MAGE (August 21st, 2005)

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Leppäluoto, Juha-Pekka: Vocals
Sipilä, Pasi: Guitar
Tuohimaa, Lauri: Guitar
Karihtala, Antti: Drums
Hautamäki, Teemu: Bass

Heinonen, Jenny: Vocals on Tracks 1, 5, 6, 7 & 10
Manninen, Marko: Cello on Tracks 3 & 5
Koivusaari, Tomi: Sitar on "She Hates"
Tornack, Kari: Hammond on "Bullet"
Kallio, Santeri "Sande": Hammond on "Rain"
Producer: Karmila, Mikko
Mixing by: Karmila, Mikko
Mastering by: Unavailable
Charon - Songs for the Sinners  CD  Cover Image
01. Colder
02. Deep Water
03. Bullet
04. Rain
05. Air
06. She Hates
07. Ride on Tears
08. Gray
09. Rust
10. House of the Silent

Length: 44:00
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