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Tried & Failed

Year: 2005
Format: CD
Label: Massacre
Genre: [Symphonic Industrial Metal/Orchestral Cyber Goth Electro Metal]
Overall Rating: 8.5
Music: 8.5
Production: 8.5

It turns out that the sixth album of the everenergetic EverEve manages to floor me by its catchiness. Titled as "Tried & Failed", this album reflects the career of EverEve well... the band has re-defined themselves throughout the years multiple times, but so far they haven't succeeded in gaining wider recognition. However, with Tried & Failed EverEve hopefully attains the interest of the metal audience.

The material on "Tried & Failed" is crossover industrial metal with orchestral and symphonic elements incorporated seamlessly into the band's soundscape. The vocal delivery, on the other hand, is reminiscent of emo-style with the occasional use of industrial effects. Song structures on this album are fairly intriguing, so the material retains its appeal for quite some time... besides, little hooks are scattered all around this record (they keep playing in one's head). This is definitely an album worth getting acquainted with in case one fancies industrial metal. Tried & Failed is the kind of album that grows on the listener - the more one listens to it, the more he/she will like it.

Production on this album is first-class - the sounds are both atmospheric and assertive. Gerhard Magin (Theatre of Tragedy, Crematory...) and Jrg Httner (known from various soundtracks including Catwoman, The Ring 2 and Batman Begins among others) took care of producing this record, so it isn't surprising at all that the sounds are fitting.

At times this album reminds me of Ministry, Pain and Mortiis, so the amount of industrial artists that EverEve shares similarity to is convincing. Therefore it isn't that surprising Tried & Failed is a multifaceted industrial metal album (so be sure to give it a listen). The album art may work as an incentive to male audience, as Markus Richter and Cane Hoyer, two internationally well-known avantgarde and erotic art artists, handled the visualisation of EverEve's music...

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- MAGE (September 24th, 2005)


MZ: Voice & Keys
.havoc: Guitars
OQ: Bass
C., Martin: Drums & Percussion
Producer: Magin, Gerhard & Httner, Jrg
Mixing by: Unavailable
Mastering by: Unavailable
EverEve - Tried & Failed  CD  Cover Image
01. Thighs Wide Shut - Overture
02. Tried & Failed
03. You're Mine
04. A Scornful Love
05. Desire
06. Pine Oil Heaven
07. I'm Not Afraid (of Losing You Again)
08. Anima Sola
09. On Thin Ice
10. Hide from Me
11. Thighs Wide Shut - Reprise
12. Forsaken
13. Before Sunrise
14. Epilogue 2005

Length: 51:39
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